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Ripping Casey Off Again
Casey just did a post about where the Moosh got her blond, curly hair. Because it wasn't enough for me to copy Casey's series about infertility and pregnancy, I had to copy this too.

It drives me absolutely insane that everyone is always telling me how much the boys look like T. Yes, Hollis does look like a little mini-T. I'll acknowledge that. But Holden? With his brown eyes and blond, wavy (would be curly if his dad would friggin leave it alone) hair?

Well, why don't you be the judge:

Me and my mother


Have I mentioned that T has dark brown, stick straight hair?

And my hair now:

Me with Oh The Joys and Redneck Mommy at BlogHer '07.
Gotta love the bra showing. Classy, Steph. Classy.

Does that settle it?

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Blogger flutter said...

Hair is a funny thing no?

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Good gravy what an eye-candy post!

Thanks for all the dazzling good looks in one spot. I am an aesthete after all. :)

He is your Mini Me. WOW! Totally. Except a boy.

Using My Words

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

I've always thought Holden looks like you, fwiw. :)

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Holden absolutely, positively is the image of you! Not just the hair but his facial features, expressions, etc. I have been going through lots of old family pics lately and ran across a few of you where I had to do a double take, the resemblance was so strong! He is as much your child as Hollis is T's (in looks anyway)! And I say this with the authority of someone who knew you when!

Blogger lildb said...

leaving aside the massive missing-you sensation I feel when I see that shot of blogher, I gotta say,

damn. Holden is CUTE. holy adorableness. also, confirming that, indeed, he takes after you. that's gotta feel good.

almost makes me want to have another baby, in hopes that the same could happen in our family.


Blogger dawn224 said...

Jess's bra is showing too :)

Alex came out looking just like Scout,now people say he looks like me...no clue... maybe I need to copy you copying....

Blogger Jenn said...


All you, LM, all you.

Lucky him.

Blogger Angela said...

Yep. He looks just like his mama. I mean, without the bra and all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honey, sweetie, sugar: did you grow up in a trailer park? Cos there is one in the background of the FIRST photo, and so I was curious if in the LAST photo there were really TWO redneck mommas?


I also get annoyed that EVERYONE says Boy#2 looks like dad. Because if you put a photo of me next at age 3 next to a photo of Boy#2 at age 3, you'd see we are twins. If not for the all-olefin-wardrobe I owned in 1976.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yes, Holden looks like you: cute as a bug. I want to pinch those cheeks. His and yours.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Ha! I was waiting for someone to notice the trailer! ROFLMAO!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

You know, I've even posted this picture like 3 times before and no one ever said anything about the trailer park! LOL!

We did live in one for awhile. The picture was taken in California (I think) where my dad (navigator in Air Force) was in school for awhile. Of course, maybe my mom will post and explain the origin of the photo. I got it from my grandmother so I have no clue!

But people, I *am* from the South. Not that we all live in trailer parks, but really, I'm pure white trash I assure you.

Blogger Slackermommy said...

He looks just as cute as his mama if you ask me!

Blogger Kelly Malloy said...

He looks just like you! What are they thinking?

Blogger moosh in indy. said...

Um, your son?
Going to be a heartbreaker.
Um, your husband?
Kinda hot.
Um, you?

Blogger Michele said...

He's a mini-you, no doubt about it.

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