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Tall, Dark and Geeky
We're now in Day 12 of Wil Wheaton watch. I'm not feeling the love.

Wil, buddy, I've been reading your blog. I know you have a writing deadline. I know you're a busy guy. So right now I'm just waiting for my copy of your latest book to tide me by.

Some say I should give up and stalk someone who will appreciate me more or perhaps take out a restraining order against me. (George Clooney has been suggested more than once.) Either action would be better than being ignored, I guess. But, see, I've got this thing for tall, dark and geeky men. I mean, look at my banner. Geeky is the new cool.

Exhibit A: My husband

Exhibit B: You

So I'm not giving up quite yet.

Your Number One Stalker Fan,

Lawyer Mama


I have new reviews up for The Daring Book for Girls and the Day Runner Family Matters planning system. You're not going to want to miss them.

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Blogger flutter said...

Dude, you MARRIED Wil!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I'm just hoping T won't notice!

Blogger dawn224 said...

My husband looks like Kurt Warner .. If Kurt were, ya know skinny and stuff with a penchant for Mickey's tshirts.

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

Don't give up. Don't. You are an inspiration. I was thinking of following your lead and stalking Nathan Fillion! Don't give up. Stay the course!

Blogger PunditMom said...

This is probably one reason why you're a good lawyer -- you don't give up!

Blogger Jenn said...

Um, your hubby....he's way hotter than Wil.

And he adores you.

You deserve more than Wil, let him go already before I have to find him and drag his ass to you. (At which point I'm assuming you'll be covering the legal crap for me)

Blogger Gwen said...

Yo, dude, Will looks like a girl ....

See, now that he's proven to be less than cool (don't be dissin' my lawyer mama, son), I feel justified talking smack about him.

Blogger Debra Kay said...

Pssst, someone tell me who wil wheaton is please. I'm so uncool.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Babe. Please tell me T does not read your blog.

Just in case, T, dude, you are SO MUCH hotter and cooler (all at once, also lending an air of contradictory mystery) than Wil.

Okay that said...LM, LMAO at you. I do indeed see your point.

And I admire you for sticking with it, I really do.

Using My Words

Blogger melissa said...

Just had an idea...

I found a widget today called shelfari.com, its pretty cool. But I couldn't get a picture of Wil's book to put on it. If you were to tell him about this, and have him make his book cover available, he might email you to thank you...

Just a thought. Best of luck.

Blogger The Lost Prophyt said...

Just a fun aside, I played "Every Breath You Take" tonight at work for you. Have fun, and good luck!

Blogger Emily said...

He'll come around. He has to. It's not like you're asking for a hair sample or anything. All you want is a comment.

(I tried to make you sound really desperate in my last stalk -- how'd I do?)

On another note, why does blogger no longer allow non-blogger commenters to link to their sites? Way uncool.


Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Emily - Great job! And I didn't know. Bad, Blogger! Bad!

Melissa - Great idea! Thanks!

Blogger Christine said...

hang in there! there is hope yet!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

I posted another plug for you on Wil's blog. I'm getting a little peeved that he's not responding. Hmmm, maybe he's just playing hard to get! Shall we step up the pressure! (Errr, ummmm, is online stalking illegal?)

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

Geeky men are great! Just don't tell my husband I said that. I'm not sure he would appreciate being called a geek!

Ha! My hubby looked a lot like Eddie Vedder when I married him. It was the hair that got me.

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