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Heard from the Boys
Scene: Family sitting in Cracker Barrel restaurant, near the fireplace.

Hollis spies deer head with large antlers over the fireplace.

"Look, Mommy! It's a reindeer!" Begins singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while his parents pray that he won't ask why Rudolph has been decapitated and placed on the wall.

The kid is obsessed with Rudolph. Oh, the therapy he will need.

Scene: Family sitting around kitchen table eating dinner. Daddy passes around rolls he was supposed to let thaw and rise overnight, but actually just stuck in the oven frozen.

Holden tries to bite into his beloved carbohydrate unsuccessfully.

He tries again.

He knocks on the outside of the roll.

"Daddy, it's a rock!"

Mommy busts out laughing.
And more cuteness:

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Blogger flutter said...

you are killin me with the cute

Blogger jen said...

it simply can't get any cuter than children asleep in the middle of the floor. (on the middle of the floor)

Blogger dawn224 said...

sleeping child. *swoon*

Blogger blooming desertpea said...

Don't you wish you could fall asleep on the floor, too, like the little ones?

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

That is a lot of cuteness! I am LOL that he didn't ask about decapitated Rudolph. You are lucky. Very, very lucky. And hopefully having a good SNOWY weekend.

Using My Words

Blogger Kyla said...

So cute!!

Blogger the pink report said...

That's adorable.

I have one of my little A. asleep on a wooden step! It was the exact size of her and if she had rolled over... OUCH! Twice this happened. Of course, I transferred her.

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