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Valentine's Snow Day
When is a snow day not a good thing?

When it's your 3 year old's first Valentine's Day party, he spent hours the night before carefully decorating every card and meticulously (or not) cutting out hearts for his teacher's home made card.

Hollis cried when he heard there would be no school today.

I'm not sure that this even actually qualifies as "snow." (Suck it up! I'm talking to you, Chesapeake!) It was really more like frozen rain that looked white until it melted about 20 minutes ago. While the kids thought the idea of snow was great in theory, Hollis touched it with his bare hand and was done.

Holden lasted a bit longer. It took 5 minutes for him to declare, "Mommmmmmy! Hands too cold! Help me!"

My wussy little Southern boys!

Red Mocha Hat

Can you believe he kept that adorable hat on? I can't.
He wouldn't wear the mittens though.

Snowy Foot

What is this white stuff and why is it on my foot?
He made me clean off his feet. Seriously.

Sun on Fence

The sun came out.

Snow Gaze

You still can't make me look at the camera, Mommy.
No matter how much you want a cute Valentine's Day photo.

Valentine's Card

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Blogger Defiantmuse said...

duuude. that is the cutest hat ever! and red! My favorite color. Where did you get it?? I want to get one for Monkey.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I *think* I got it at Baby Gap, but I bought it last Spring on clearance so I doubt they have any more.

How about Monkey inherits one for next Winter?

Blogger Tara said...

ok... so let me get this straight. They cancelled school for THAT teensy weensy amount of snow? We have like 3 feet of snow and it is -38 degrees here (-36 farenheit)and they haven't cancelled school once this year.

wow. I'm a little jealous!

poor kid missing valentine's day! perhaps they will do it next day instead. Assuming you don't have more "snow".

Blogger blooming desertpea said...

Happy Valentine's day!

I love that hat. :)

Blogger Mad Hatter said...

You do realize just how much those of us with real snow mock those places who have "snow days" for what seems like a little cloud sneeze. Come on over to my house LM. We've got SNOW (she wrote from work b/c, really, who cancels school and work for snow?)

All loving mocking aside, those pictures are a Cupid's arrow to the heart.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Ack! I know what you mean! I moved to DC from Nebraska, remember? And once upon a time I lived in North Dakota. We don't really have snow here. I think they have a couple built into every school year and they really wanted to use one!

Blogger Gwen said...

As more than one person has told you (and we realize you have no control over this) that is not snow. But we are similarly depressed in borneoville because Charlotte's plague is keeping her out of school on Valentine's Party Day! Oh, the sorrow.

Blogger mothergoosemouse said...

Those pics are wonderful - I love the photo editing you did!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Blogger mek said...

My Minnesota daughter (nearely two) also finds snow too cold to be enjoyable. She has had a hard winter - she actually cries when we go outside and it is below 0. There's been a lot of crying this year. As a Californian, I always thought that those who were born in snowy states would just grow up not knowing any better and liking the stuff. So much for that theory.

Blogger jen said...

those pictures are outrageous.

Blogger flutter said...

I am so totally in love

Blogger Paige said...

The pictures are so beautiful. You have a good eye.


Blogger Kyla said...

Oh, I LOVE these! How handsome!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Surely since *everyone* missed it they will make up the party today.

At least the party wasn't on and only he was home!

And how adorable are those photos!

Blogger Chicky Chicky Baby said...

So. Damn. Cute.

Can I eat those cheeks? Can I, huh?

Anonymous Katie said...


I just love looking at your pics! In my former life (aka before teaching) I was a professional photographer and ran my own studio in Savannah for six years. I got burned out- but after this break, I am ready to jump in on capturing moments for the girls again. Keep it up- you have a remarkable eye!


Blogger ewe are here said...

Love this series of pics!

He's sooooo cute in that cool little hat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lil' sweetie.

We get snow like that.

In August.

I wish I were kidding.

Blogger Omaha Mama said...

Those photos! Are absolutely gorgeous. Oh my goodness.

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