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Spanish Town
I have about 5000 pictures from Mardi Gras parades. And, of course, I want to share all of them! I'll try to restrain myself, but you'll just have to bear with me for the next few days, um, or weeks.

I'll put some up on Lawyer Mama Dabbles every day too.

These are from the Spanish Town parade in Baton Rouge that The Queen was in. She's a member of the Krewe of Pink Ladies. How cool is that? They have jackets and everything. Spanish Town is one looooong parade. It was great and much more family friendly than the parades in New Orleans.

Mardi Gras Ladies 3
Float with the capitol building in the background. The Spanish Town "mascot" is the flamingo. There was a lot of pink.

Pink Lady
The Queen on her float. See what I mean about the jackets?

Boy with Flamingo
Hollis in front of the Pink Ladies float. The theme was "Purple is the new Pink" in honor of LSU's national championship. Geaux Tigers! (Please forgive me, Sebastian. It's just a fling.)
Notice that Hollis is all decked out with beads and a flamingo lollipop? This was looooong before the parade started. I just took him up and down the road to look at all the floats getting ready and the boy cleaned up!

Mardi Gras Self Portrait
My self portrait before the parade. I wore my pink boa just for the occasion. The Queen supplied the beads.

Mardi Gras Girl
The Queen's gorgeous daughter and honorary Pink Lady. I tried to bring her home with me. Seriously. LOVED her.

Waiting for the Parade
Waiting for the parade.

Waiting for the Parade
More waiting. See? She's gorgeous. And she and Hollis got along swimmingly.

Face Off
Face off 2
Everyone who's seen these photos swears these two must be siblings. Nope. There was no fighting at all, just playing. The Princess just entertained Hollis for two hours. Seriously. I'm going to go back and steal her.

I have to say that attending a Mardi Gras parade with two cute kids is far different from attending one as a hot, childless woman. (I'm just assuming the hot part. I never said I wasn't egotistical.) I didn't even have one request to ... um ... lift my shirt and I have never seen so many stuffed animals rain down around me.

I will have more photos up soon....

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Blogger Mamma said...

I think you're seriously posting these pictures just to make me more jealous!!

It's working!!

So glad you had fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have found lately that everything is more fun if done with my children...

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I went and looked at your Dabbles site and saw the photos. Love how you emphasize the pink. :)

But I DEMAND you stop your TORMENT of me. ;)

HA! You and Queen say I tormented you and toyed with your emotions. HA!

I don't have photos. LOL

All joking aside, glad it was such a good time, nobody bothered you about your shirt, and that you came back with so many awesome photos.

Blogger Gwen said...

A pink parade with lots of stuffed animals ... sounds exactly like how I pictured mardi gras. Or not. But more fun, for sure.

Blogger bubandpie said...

The colour in those photos is just spectacular.

Blogger Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I want to be a pink lady so bad it hurts.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

ML - I'm all about making everyone insanely jealous.

Emily - You're so right. Something about watching them experience things makes everything new for me too.

Julie - Suck it up, lady, because I'm not done tormenting you yet!

Gwen - I have to admit it was a very different MG experience from days gone by!

B&P - Thanks!

Mrs. Chicky - We need to sneak down there and steal their jackets. Can you imagine us all strutting around BlogHer with those jackets on? (-:

I might be able to arrange a "borrowing" of some Pink Lady jackets!

We had this discussion already...Junior Mayhem is the only child on the bargaining table...The Princess is FAR too valuable! (hee-hee)

By the way...Mr. Mayhem saw the pictures and had two questions for me:

1. "Are you kissing that dude?" Um....not EVEN close! (He seemed okay with that answer)

2. "Why aren't there any pictures of me?" Yeah...it's not about him! NOT.AT.ALL!

I feel certain you still got some beads for your innate hotness! You got expensive tequilla the night before...so why not beads! It makes SENSE!

Blogger ewe are here said...

Wow! What a fantastic time!

I'm so jealous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic photos. They colours are so rich. And it looks like you had a blast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The colours. NOT they. Grr...

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