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The Daiquiri Bar
Before we get to the gossip, I have a new review up on Lawyer Mama Review. I adore Pingu, possibly even more than my kids do, so go read about the new Pingu video.

I know y'all want more dirt on my weekend with The Queen and her Mayhem. I put up a few photos from the daiquiri bar we "stopped by" on the way home from "running errands" but here are a few more.

First we made a few friends and played some Quarters:


The Queen and I suck at this game, by the way. Although we did make a few shots:

The Queen

Then we started making random guys take pictures with us. The Queen has done this before....

Window guy
The guy washing the windows of the bar. He was 21. I asked.

We picked up a few more friends:

Queen and Random Bar Guy
Here's one of our new friends. I can't remember if this is Chuck, or the other one.

And they bought us shots of tequila. Really, really good tequila. It seemed like a fabulous idea at the time....


Then there were more random guys friends:

Another Random Guy
In the Queen's defense, she had picked up these ladies on a previous visit to the bar. So she already knew them. Oh, and she might not have had anything to do with picking up this random guy. That might have been me....

Then we headed back to the house. Luckily, the kids were still alive and ready to boogie.

Then we were cooked. We're old ladies, you know!


Steph & Heather

Don't you wish you were us?

The rest of the weekend was a blast and it will take me days just to edit all the photos. I'll post more as I go so stay tuned....

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Blogger Nancy said...

Oh yeah ... I can soooo join in on that =)

Glad to see you had a fun time.

Blogger Mamma said...

Oh sure!! Rub it in!!

I fear for the photos that will result from SF. Were you able to convince her that she needs to attend?

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

Still so jealous. And the quarter picture is amazing, can't believe you captured it in mid air.

Anonymous wright said...

I have to comment about the quarter pic. It's AMAZING! What shutter speed were you using??? I can't imagine capturing that shot. WOW!!!

It ALWAYS seems like a good idea at the time....kind of like me taking that picture hugging up on Chuck....yeah...I am PRETTY sure he was Chuck! hee-hee

Funny...but I have less recollection of the pictures on my couch! :)

Isn't it strange how those "errands" can take SUCH A LONG TIME?

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I checked the shutter speed and it was 1/60 of a second. Go figure. I usually use a much faster speed when I'm just shooting my kids!

ISO was 200. Aperture f/4.8. I did use a flash.

Blogger flutter said...

Oh I totally do wish I was you!

Blogger Stimey said...

That photo of the quarter is terrifically amazing. And how tall is that guy with you and your new lady friends?!

Looks like fun!

Blogger Mad Hatter said...

I'm so glad you had fun. FUN. Welcome back. BTW, I love Pingu too.

Blogger Busy Momma said...

ya, the quarter shot-WOW!! great job! glad you had fun, I totally need a time out like that!

Blogger Paige said...

You've got to watch Queenie with that alcohol.

I would know. There are some pics of me with men I don't even know.

Been there.

Your sister in arms,

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