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Who Knew Bob The Builder Could Be So Fascinating?
My three year old is obsessed with construction and all things construction related. Every morning we drive by a construction site near our house and Hollis comments on the progress. Heaven help them if the workers aren't there (even on a Sunday). Hell hath no fury like a three year old who can't get his crane fix.

"Where are the guys, Mommy? WHERE ARE THE GUYS!?"

I can't even tell you the raptures Hollis went into when T rented a backhoe for a weekend to work on a drainage issue in our yard more than a year ago. To this day he still tells us that we need to go to the tractor store and get him another tractor.

If you'd like to continue reading about the coolest Bob the Builder video evah, click on over to Lawyer Mama Review.

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Blogger Gwen said...

I have a friend with a son like that. They live in NYC and it takes forever to get anywhere because they are always always stopping for the cranes. Every picture he draws is of cranes. Everything he talks about is cranes. Just think what he could accomplish is he turned the singlemindedness to world hunger or something? :)

My girls do not appreciate Bob the Builder at all and scream in horror if the show ever happens to come on.

Anonymous Nicole said...

I'm with you... my 4 year old son is construction CRAZY!
The house across the street in under construction and he loves it. It's built-in entertainment :)

BTW- there is a video called 'I love Big Machines' and it is just basically contruction sites, etc. and my son LOVES the video.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Sounds like you're overdue for a trip to see Uncle S, R, or D! I think that they can satisfy H's demand for construction machinery!

Blogger jen said...

at least it's not a princess dress.

I have a crush on Bob the Builder.

Blogger Kyla said...

Oh my. KayTar is DEEP in a Bob phase right now. Even colors are renamed to be characters. Green is Rolley. Yellow is Scoop. Red is Muck. You should hear her do their quotes. Hilarity.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

law student - I'm disturbed yet intrigued....

Anonymous cynematic said...

Love Bob the Builder and his solar sunflower-seed drying sheds. How green of him. He even has a cool music video, yo!

However, the Unreliable Narrator was a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. In spite of my propagandizing. :(

Regardless, we've given HiT Entertainment much of our money.

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