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LM and The Queen having too much fun. (Taken with my crappy camera phone.)

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Blogger jen said...

this week is exactly the medicine you've needed. you look and sound fabulous.

Blogger flutter said...

look at the cuteness!!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Hmmm...2.5 for artistry; 2.0 for content; 10+ for fun-factor! (Can you tell we're gearing up for the 2012 Olympics!)

Blogger Christine said...

damn jealous!

have an extra drink (or two) for me.


Running on empty

Blogger Gwen said...

Now that's what I was hoping to see!


This was SO much fun! However...we simply MUST work on our Quarters playing skills!

By the way....you STILL have to drink twice whenever I drink once! Hee-hee!

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

Still soooo jealous! Glad you're having a blast.

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

You suck. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Keep having all that fun! You deserve it.

So jealous. Of both of you.

Blogher 08 can't get here soon enough.

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