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At the Playground
I have a new review up for personalized books for children on my review blog.

I've got more photos from the Mommy-Hollis play day to share. I'll be back tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Blogger jen said...

what's up with all the cute kid pictures, yo? i mean, the cuteness over here lately. it's delicious.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Aww adorable. Precious. Scrambling over giant tires...fun and cute.

Using My Words

Blogger Gwen said...

Those are some big-assed tires! I'm impressed with the nimble little guy!

Blogger the pink report said...

Awesome photos, LM! Good job. Soooo artsy.

Blogger Jenn said...

Holy adorable.

Blogger odd facts said...

I wish i had a playground like that to play on when I was young.

Blogger Kyla said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like a splendid day.

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

So cute. I hope to one day live in a town with playgrounds. I dare to dream.

So I've been gone for a while and wanted to check on the Wil Wheaton-athon, but I'm having hard times with your archives (yes, I suck at the computers thing) - what was the outcome?

Blogger Jen M. said...

As usual your boys induce ovulation with their cuteness. Seriously. Very few kids that didn't spring from my loins do this.

What a nice playground!

Looks like loads of family fun!

It's nice to have a little one on one time...every now and again!

Blogger ewe are here said...

I love these pictures!

Blogger Mad Hatter said...

Oh, I love that last one.

Blogger slouching mom said...

you're very talented with the camera, LM!

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