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Don't Fence Me In - Wordless Wednesday

Hmmmm.... Can anyone guess the theme? Yeah, I thought it was too hard.

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Blogger Nancy said...

all the photos are cute, but #4 .... frame it!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Fabulous series...he's so adorable.

I don't know how you say no.

Using My Words

Anonymous Momish said...

Very beautiful photos! And I agree with Nancy, #4 takes your breath away.

Blogger April Brandon said...

He's freaking adorable.

Anonymous Deb said...

Nice Wednesday post! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Come on over and visit my blog! I hope you are having a great one! I love getting a laugh out of some of the blogs, it brightens my day!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

What an indomitable spirit!

Blogger flutter said...

LOL mistress of subtlety, you.

He is so beautiful

Blogger Jenifer said...

Hello! You left me a message at Alpha DogMa's well sorta anyway. I have been meaning to drop by and after a handful of posts - especially the one about depression recently I think we could be twins! Well, except you have boys and I have girls and I am not a lawyer and other random stuff.

About the boys names...I really love the name Holden and still do! The real reason it was on my list is because I wish it came from that "classic book" but sadly it was my high school obsession with As The World Turns...Holden Synder and he is still on the show I think.

Lame I know, but that is why I could never use Holden, too many people know my secret. I love names that go together and Holden and Hollis just roll together so well.

So that is my long answer back to you!

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Not even a fence can contain the cuteness!

Blogger slouching mom said...

gorgeous photos of a gorgeous boy.

Is the theme "incredible cuteness"??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a fence snob. These were lovely specimans (and boys) and nary an ugly chain link to be found.

About Jen's post about baby names - is Holden for the Catcher in the Rye or for the actor from Sunset Boulevard? I have a crush on William Holden for what its worth. Also let me state for the record: YOUR SONS ARE WELL NAMED. I am like strong names for boys, and I like names that are gender obvious (you haven't nicknamed Hollis as Holly, right?). I like surnames for first names for boys because they sound dignified and substantial.

Blogger Amanda said...

Yeah, 4 made me want to pack my girls up and bring them your way.

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