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Friends and Football
This is my blog and I can break the rules if I want to. So I give you a Monday Montage on a Tuesday.

We had dear friends visit this weekend, Tiff, her husband J, and their son Little J. Tiff and I went to law school together but we're very different. She's got too much energy. I'm a lazy sloth. She's Martha Stewart. I'm, well...not. (And I don't mean that in a white collar criminal, lie to the feds kind of way.) She's a Republican. I'm well, you know. A Liberal. She's very religious. I'm a heathen.

Somehow, despite all our differences, we compliment each other. In all the ways that matter, we're the same. I don't just mean that Tiff enables my shopping habit, shares my love of beautiful shoes, and enjoys making snarky comments. Tiff is one of those rare friends that we only encounter a handful of times in our lives and, if we're lucky, keep forever. I don't know that I could have made it through law school, trying to conceive, and early mommyhood without her.
Now if only I could get her to start a blog....

Tiff maneuvers around Hollis.

She's making a break for it!

J and Hollis take Tiff down!

"Here you go, Mommy!"

Little J hams it up for the camera. Don't you love those curls!

Little J, Holden and Hollis demand a ride.

Quarterback in training?

Taking a walk.

Tiff and J. At their wedding, the pastor pronounced them man and wife, introduced them to the congregation, and then J picked Tiff up and carried her down the aisle. That's just the kind of guy he is.

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...

What a great montage! I can tell from the photos what a good time and how happy everyone was. Fantastic. :)

Using My Words

Blogger Christine said...

friends like that are hard to come by.

hold on to her tightly.

Blogger flutter said...

She sounds wonderful

Anonymous Emily said...

Friends like that are about all you need, other than your family, no?

Blogger slouching mom said...

good friends. nothing like it.

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