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I have a new post up on the DC Metro Moms Blog. Head on over to read my latest rant. But here's a little teaser....

Last week on our sister site, Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Rebecca wrote a post she has come to regret. In it, she called Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic candidate John Edwards, a "terrible mother" for taking her kids on the campaign trail. Rebecca, and the rest of us, got a big shock. Ms. Edwards replied to her post within a few hours. And the media picked up on it. The original post no longer appears on the site, but our own Joanne wrote about the exchange for DC Metro Moms.

My point in dragging all of this up again is not to rehash the argument between Rebecca and Ms. Edwards. I had the opportunity to hear Ms. Edwards speak at BlogHer in Chicago this Summer and I'm a big admirer. I'm not here to start another Mommy War. I just want to point out that the response from Ms. Edwards should be a big reminder to everyone, candidates and media alike, of the power and exposure women are gaining on the Internet. Read More....

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Blogger ExPatSW said...

"We "Mommy bloggers" are a force that can't be denied. We are well educated and vocal. We are doctors and lawyers and journalists and political followers. We care deeply about the future of our children and this country." Fear...it's just plain fear that keeps 'em away!

It must have been terrifying and empowering all in one to have that happen. It reminds me of when that lady jumped all over PM for her post!

Good thing she has you to have her back! :)

Blogger Julie said...

Well said, Stephanie. You raise a very good point about mommy bloggers, and one that applies more broadly to mommies in general: there's a strong the general perception that mommies aren't politically minded or politically informed. It's like all mommies do is stand around elbow deep in poop and spend their days watching soaps. I wonder how best we can counter this perception? How can we make our voices heard more loudly in the political arenas?

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

It really is so true. Also, you never know who's reading your post. I wrote a post late at night last month and the next morning I was contacted by producers for the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and they flew me out to be on their show the next morning to discuss my post.

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