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D.C. Happy Hour Update
The D.C. Happy Hour was a rousing success. Not everyone could make it and I was sad to have missed a few people, but I'm sure we'll be doing this again. It was too damn much fun not to.

Oh, and all of you who were there? I'm happy to host a party down here too. It's warm, we're near a beach, and I have a pool. Just please, please bring your suits. I shudder to think what this crew might do with too much alcohol and private access to water.

I have pictures for you. If you want to see my whole Flicker Set, click HERE.

I'll hit the highlights.

  1. Mama Loves' office has an insanely nice view and it's huge. If I'm ever homeless, I'm just going to move in there.

  2. I'm going to kidnap Kris from I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino. She's so friggin hilarious, I need her to amuse me 24 hours a day. She can even bring her cats. Minus the worms.

  3. I only had 1 martini. Gunfighter tried to order me another one. Thank God he doesn't know me better or he might have succeeded. As it was I was already dragging my ass around all day today. Um, yeah, I had a few many beers too.

  4. Amie & Kris let me feel them up. We need to do our own Hot & Bothered video.

  5. Fried pickles are surprisingly tasty.

  6. Mama Loves let us sign her cast with glitter pens! What else would you expect from a drag queen?

  7. The people with kids outlasted all the young, childless people. In the end it was just me, Not Exactly A Princess, Gunfighter & Mama Loves frantically driving to Silver Diner for breakfast food.

  8. You know how in college you'd end up at IHOP at 2 am after the bars closed? Well, you know you're old when you're getting pancakes at 11pm and you look and sound like death.

  9. My throat still hurts from screaming in the bar.

  10. I'm too old for this shit.

  11. We had a great time.

  12. I can't wait to do it again!

Not Exactly A Princess & Lawyer Mama

Gunfighter & Mama Loves

Me & Chrissy (She's known me since I was 13! I can't piss her off. She knows too much.)

Jenn & Jess

I sign Mama Loves' cast while Gunfighter wonders what the hell he's doing with these drunk wackadoos.

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Blogger Alex Elliot said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Gunfighter!

Blogger painted maypole said...

how could you not have fun in a bar that's painted those excellent bright colors?!

Blogger flutter said...

That looks like absurd fun

Blogger DD said...

I'm as sober as a saint and I could have sworn that I read, "let us sign her CATS with glitter pens" because I thought, "hmmmmm. Cool, but I bet that's hard on the fur."

Well, it is close to 11:00 pm...

Blogger Stimey said...

Looks so fun! Count me in on the next DC outing!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

This post made me LOL knowing how much fun you had...yes, I know that feeling. Us old, married parental sorts are like caged animals and when finally set free we go nuts! Yes, I know that well! Also know how 11 feels like 2 lol.

Wish I could have joined you. Sigh. Luckily we have a fun bunch here, too. In fact, a few stars from that video you mentioned... LOL

Using My Words

Anonymous PT-LawMom said...

I am so jealous!! Looks like great fun! Man, if only I still lived up there.

P.S. My husband and I met 8 years ago when we both worked at Silver Diner in Arlington. The blueberry pancakes are the best (followed closely by the Strawberry Pecan).

Looks like a blast!

I need a good party like that.

Blogger kris said...

That was a fabu time - thanks for your kind words, lady! You may soon regret your invitation - I'm vowing to stay up past 10 pm when I come to visit! HOLLA! :)

Bug and Crick say hi and hope that you aren't too hungover. And that if you have leftover Silver Diner you'll drop that by for their hungover mother. They're cool like that.

So good to meet you, rock star!

Blogger Gwen said...

You got to meet Kris! I am uber jealous now. I wish Gunfighter had persuaded you to drink the 2nd martini ... what would we have photographic evidence of then? And seriously, how do you stop at one? I need tips, dear.

Anonymous Glennia said...

Wow! You gals know Gunfighter? I'm so impressed. He rocks, and obviously, so do the rest of you. Love that first photo. That one seems to sum it all up.

Blogger KC said...

Way, way too much fun. Sorry to have missed it, but what good is a huge pregnant woman at a scene like that, I ask?

Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Putting the fun in our nation's capitol!

Blogger slouching mom said...

Oh, man. I miss all the fun.

Blogger ablondeblogger said...

Ugh! I HATE that I couldn't make it! It looks like you all had a blast....I can't wait to make it to one of these meet-ups!

Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

Hey y'all. Totally jealous and crying in my soup.

Blogger ewe are here said...

Ditto on the jealousy... but I'm glad you had such a blast out and about. I need one of those nights real soon!

Blogger PunditMom said...

I can't believe Mr. PunditMom was out of town and I couldn't get a sitter! And I decided PunditGirl was still a little too young for martinis! ;) Next time!

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

I think the New England Mamas will have to arrange a road trip to meet the DC Moms. Can you just imagine the trouble we could get into?? We might even stay up later than midnight!

Anonymous Jenny said...

I am so damn jealous I just want to throw up.


How far away is Texas from D.C.?

Blogger Gunfighter said...


Thanks for the pics! I am kicking myself for not brining the camera.

I had a great time, and I am so glad that you did as well.

Let me tell you, getting up to coach my daughter's NINE A.M. soccer game yesterday, was NO fun

I am sorry about disappointing so many of you... so I promise to wear a kilt next time.


PS: Silver Diner is an... interesting place in the middle of the night, innit?

Blogger Christine said...

looks like you had a great time!

hey--where's my magnet? i want to see you pretty face on my fridge?

Blogger Jen M. said...

Yup - we moms tend to outlast those without kiddos - must be the all-night practices we get ;)

That looks like it was so much fun!

I'm sad I missed it too.

Next time...

Blogger jessabean said...

Ew, I'm all red-faced...it's the Asian sensation!

It was a blast meeting you and since you're close to my hometown, Jenn and I will certainly have to come to another happy hour down in your parts. Just say the word!

P.S. You all totally put us young, childless people to shame.

I am one of those young and childless people that you speak of, and yes, you definitely would have outlasted me. Craziness ensues when people from the internets get together!

Jane, P&B Girls

I am so jealous! I want to hang out with the drunk whackadoos! Pick me....pick me!!!!

Don't you ALL want to come to the deep south...we can hang out and torment the rednecks! FUN STUFF!

Looks like you had a blast!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Oh, my Queen! The next time I'm coming to New Orleans we may have to organize a get together for the Atlanta, Houston & Louisiana bloggers!

Anonymous slackermommy said...

What fun! Wish I could have been there. You are all some cool bitches.

Blogger Susie PSU said...

My husband and I used to go to the Silver Diner in Arlington when we were dating many years ago. It was so much fun after a night at the bars!

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