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Reading Too Much Into Cartoons?
A new episode of Word World came on today and my trusty TIVO recorded it. My children adore the show, so we sat down to watch 20 minutes before bed.

In today's episode, Dog is looking for the letters A, L, and L to go with his B, so he can play ball. Dog heads to Pig's Barn, where Pig is filming yet another episode of his Chef Pig show and making breakfast foods that start with the letter B. He tells Dog he knows exactly what he wants & takes Dog's B, sets it up on the counter and adds an A. Then he pauses and for a moment I was absolutely convinced that Pig was going to make BACON.

My mind was already racing to determine whether I should laugh my butt off and then attempt to explain the hilarity to my almost 3 year old or just act like nothing happened. Somehow I thought the humor would be lost on Hollis.

The dilemma was averted when Pig made a Bagel.

In the other half of today's episode, Duck encounters Shark while playing on the seashore. Shark wants someone to play with, so he hops out of the water and starts chatting with Duck. Then he goes back to Frog's log with Duck to find his friends. (Clearly, a very realistic cartoon.)

While we were watching this I kept looking over at T and whispering "Land Shark" and laughing hysterically.

No one appreciates my sense of humor.

Maybe I need to lay off the wine before bedtime.

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Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

I thought he was going to make bacon too! It's a bacon kind of day.

Blogger Ally said...

Thanks for the laughs. Bacon indeed. And the video clip. Hilarious.

Blogger painted maypole said...

my post today is all about my shark obsession!

we do the land shark sketch around here quite a bit.

Blogger jen said...

bacon would have totally rocked.

you are hilarious.

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

LOL. Sometimes GH and I have to leave the room during the kids shows so we won't start giggling. I'll never forget the time it was "giant bannana day" on one of their shows.

Blogger DD said...

I always imagine what it must be like as the creators to constantly get their adult humor shot down.

Blogger Mad Hatter said...

Damn! I had forgotten about the Land Shark. Thanks for twiggin' the memories. It really is a shame that our pop-culture-infused sensibilities are lost on our children, isn't it?

Blogger ExPatSW said...

ROFLMAO! The minute I read "Shark wants someone to play with, so he hops out of the water..." I screamed "Land Shark"! (What the hell, my housemates already think I'm crazy!) We are SO related!

Blogger WorksForMom said...

Ahhhh yess... how funny - thanks for the trip back in time. Hilarious.

Blogger PunditMom said...

I'm rolling on the floor! This is one of my SNL favorites. Candygram? :O

Anonymous slackermommy said...

I appreciate your sense of humor.

Blogger flutter said...

mmmmm bacon

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