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Edited to add news about the DC Metro Moms Blog and a link to my latest post.

Two weeks ago, Jenn from Serving the Queens wrote a post so brave, so overwhelming, so moving, I just can't stop thinking about it:

And this Girl and I, we are going to be running. Running to a church that as of today is 36 days of travel ahead of us, where the Boy is also journeying to. And we're going to somehow find him before he arrives there, and we are going to tell him things that have gone unsaid for too long and we are going to take our mutual heart in our trembling hands and place it before him and tell him it was his all along.
I think this piece spoke to me because Jenn's Girl lives in me too. Like Girl, I would do everything possible before walking away from love.

If you've ever believed in romance. If you've ever hoped for Happily Ever After, then read this post. You can read more about Jenn's Girl here as well.

Even if it ends badly, Jenn, we'll all be here cheering for you and your Girl. Thank you for your Perfect Post.

Please be sure to check out the rest of the Perfect Posts for August at Petroville and Suburban Turmoil.

In other news, today is the official launch of the new D.C. Metro Moms Blog, an offshoot of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. If you wouldn't mind, pop on over and show some love to my D.C. sisters! I have a new post up over there about Hollis's first day of school.

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Blogger slouching mom said...

Such a stunning post she wrote. Excellent choice, LM!

Blogger NotAMeanGirl said...

I would have nominated that post myself. :) She's very brave... in many ways.

Blogger flutter said...

I know, I cannot get over that post, it is so phenomenal

Blogger Christine said...

jenn is amazing, huh? this was a great post and i'm so glad you gave her this award!

Blogger Jenn said...

Lawyer Mama,

I'm in tears right now, reading your words and the comments.

Let's face it, I'm in tears a lot now a days, getting ready for this run with Girl.

Thinking maybe the only thing that gave me enough courage to take her hand was knowing that no matter what, I had this place to come back to.

It might not end up being about romance or happily ever after, but it is going to be about hope and what lies beyond.

Thank you so, so much.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Great choice!

Using My Words

I'm going to read her post RIGHT NOW!

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

Holy wow! That really was perfect. Now I'm all nervous to see how it turns out.....

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