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Party At The Mayhem!
The Queen of the Mayhem is on vacation, so I'm house sitting over at Miller Mayhem for today. I thought we'd have a little party with some friends, some music, a few kegs. Heather even gave me her password, so I thought that I'd auction it off for charity after everyone's really wasted. Oh, but we've already managed to clog the toilets, so bring your own jelly jar, m'kay?

Come on over and join us! Here's a little preview:

Last week, I had a small meltdown when I discovered that Johnson's Bedtime Lotion's scent had changed. Even though I mentioned it on my blog, I'm not done being bitter yet. So, I give you an open letter to the CEO of Johnson & Johnson:

Dear Mr. Weldon:

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I'll see you over at the Queen's Castle!

Blogger Sunshine said...

That is funny as hell!

Blogger Jenn said...




Am there.

Blogger flutter said...

booze at the queen's house?! Psha. i am there.

Blogger Slackermommy said...

Awesome! I'll see you there!

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