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Something To Make You Smile
From our Fourth of July at, of course, the beach:


I have a small rant to share about Johnson's Bedtime Baby Lotion. I've been using it on my boys since they were infants. I associate that smell with my sweet little babes.

Now Johnson & Johnson has gone and made their formula "New & Improved." Did no one learn Coke's lesson? And they completely changed the scent! Now the scent is too heavy and perfumey. The smell is less "baby" and more "whorehouse." So, of course, I sent off a ranty email to J&J using those exact words. I'm sure they'll take my "whorehouse" concerns very seriously.

I'm unreasonably upset about this. I've lost that smell forever and now it feels like I've lost my boys' babyhood.

Has anyone else ever had a psychotic break over the smell of baby lotion? Yeah, I didn't think so.


What's the worst question you've ever received as a new parent or when pregnant? (And men, when your wife was pregnant?) My personal favorite - Isn't breastfeeding gross? You can read about it at Lawyer Mama Review.

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Blogger Brillig said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! (and it DID make me smile!!)

Blogger slouching mom said...


I love the belly photo. Adorable!

Those boys are too cute!

Immediately after my kids were born, I found any unsolicited advice annoying! Then again, that could have just been the sleep deprivation talking!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...


And at the beach! :)

Glad it was fun. It was, of course, raining and raining here. So much so, I had to be the BIG MEANIE and cancel the parade.

Umm I can't imagine anything nice in reply to that question LOL.

But my hide would be chapped if the scent changed. I do not like that sort of thing.

Anonymous Momish said...

Oh, that looks so refreshing and fun! And, he is just too adorable in that hat!

This is the year we hope to get my daughter in the ocean as well. However, something tells me she will not like it much. The sand, however, is a big hit!

Blogger Syd said...

Cute, cute, cute.

Are you shittin' me about the Baby Lotion? The smell was perfect already...so soft. I hate that they've changed it.

Blogger jen said...

lovely pictures. And I LOVE your whorehouse letter. rock it, girl.

Blogger Ally said...

Sheesh, what sad news about the lotion. I am with you-- that is just WRONG!

Blogger Snoskred said...

Gorgeous pics.. and love your work re the whorehouse letter! Stunning! ;)


Blogger MsPrufrock said...

Did you really use the word "whorehouse"? If so, you might be my new hero.

In regard to the worst question, I think it was whether or not I was going to breastfeed. I'm certainly not one to find it offensive or unnatural in the least, but I don't want strangers and bare acquaintances asking me about it.

Blogger Queen Heather said...

Love the beach! Great pics!

Blogger Part time Mommy said...

nice video. Too cute. Although I must admit I was waiting for a wave to take T out while leaving little H unharmed. lol

I have not smelled the new J&J but will keep it in mind. I hate it when they mess with my baby products. We liked things the way they were! don't change them (my rant is the new flex sides by pampers).

Blogger Bon said...

yeh, i really really want my baby smelling like he's wearing cheap perfume...just my thing.

what were they thinking?!?!

your kiddos are very adorable.

and to be honest, the pregnancy question i hated the most with O was the simple old "is this your first?" especially when followed up by dogged prying for one's entire gestational history, and then complete abdication of the conversation once anything less than sunshiney was revealed. for anyone who's experienced stillbirth or infant loss, this old chestnut sucks. 'cause if you say "yep, my first" to avoid the awkwardness of the rest of the conversation, you not only end up feeling rather (at least in my case) disrespectful to the child you lost, but you're also likely to get treated to a blow-by-blow account of your interrogators labours and all "the surprises" ahead of you, when in truth, you've already been through labour, thank you very much, and often in worse circumstances than the person blathering at you can imagine.

sorry for the rant. pet peeve, so to speak. i know the temptation to ask, but the doggedness with which some people follow it up is unbelievable, as is the way they will often suddenly study their shoes rather than say "i'm sorry" once they realize how far they've treaded.

Blogger miss bliss said...

So fun at the beach!

Gerber Grins & Giggles Oatmeal Baby Wash does the same for me. Smells like my babies!

Blogger Catherine said...

Soooooo cute!

Anonymous Lene said...

What great pictures!!
You have a beautiful family. =)

I HATE when companies change the formula of something. WHY? If you feel the need to change it - improve it somehow - just make a new product. It just annoys me to no end.

Anonymous Emily said...

I am so glad they changed the smell. Now I won't have to spritz cheap perfume on the kids before bed.

Great great pics! Your boys are really cute.

Yeah I associate the Johnson's baby shampoo smell with my girls.

And I think the stupidest thing someone asked me was if I "had" to have a c-section. Uh, yeah. It was either that or die! (and the baby too!)

Blogger Jenn said...

Oh, but I have had that break.

That smell is THE smell of a baby.

And they didn't even warn us it was coming, so I couldn't stock my garage up with it.

Blogger NotSoSage said...

Oooh, that lotion thing bugs me. They can just go right back to selling J&J Baby Lotion Classic, thank you very much.

Blogger PinkPowerSuit.com said...

Nice shots. We're big fans of the beach too.

I'm so disappointed to hear about the smell change. I hate perfumes but that's a smell I love too. Like Jenn said: THE smell of baby. Such a dumb move, J&J. I was thinking the same thing about Coke. You read Blink?

Blogger carrie said...

Change the scent of J & J Baby Lotion????

That is just wrong!

Your kiddos are adorable!


Blogger Christine said...

it is so not fair that you are always at the beach!

and i loved that baby lotion--reminds me of my daughter as an infant. i haven't used it in so long, but now i'm sure i'd be sadly disappointed in the new whore-y scent.


Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Doh! on the scent, huh.

Blogger Mert said...

My husband and I are the same way... why must they fix something that clearly aint broke? Love the pictures :D

Blogger Moondance said...

I have the lavender scented shampoo, in the Sam's Club-sized two pack, about a year old. I am totally bogarting that until OWL is too old to let me wash his hair!

I once found a discontinued perfume though a liquidator online, so there's still hope that the true believers can stock up on the not-cheesey version of the lavender and chamomile scent!

Blogger Nancy said...

Adorable boys. Both are great shots!

"Johnson" "Whorehouse" "Lotion" think about it Mr. corporate 3 piece suits, you won't be selling for babies, but lots of men ... just add a box of Klenex. Blech!

Don't they take "opinion polls" on these things anymore?

Anonymous Erinn said...

What gorgeous boys! thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my site.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

you must let me read your whorehouse letter. That is too funny. we don't buy J&J anymore - where did my babies go? Ironically, I was thinking of buying some of the soap to use on the kids again - gentle for eczema and all that - did they change the soap too?

LOVE the shots of the kids. We need to go to the beach together, STAT.

Blogger emptynester said...

I guess the worst comment was actually a question...do you leave your baby in a playpen all day?

Anonymous Ashley/Mean Mommy said...

OMG I was just complaining about the new Bedtime Bath scent for the 50th time tonight while bathing my baby daughter. I am so bummed that they changed it. Petition?

Blogger Amy W said...

Damn, I love the beach.

I had no idea they changed the scent.

I will say I was waiting for a big wave to come over your husband and son...glad that didn't happen!

Blogger Paul Champagne said...

Most excellent ... I'm still smiling

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