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How Many Computer Geeks Does it Take to Diaper a Baby?
I found this video of T attempting to diaper Hollis at 9 months and I had to share. It always makes me smile. Plus, there's nothing better than making your husband look like an incompetent parent on the internet!

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Blogger jen said...

ah yes, the old trying to put the diaper on while moving and backwards trick.

Blogger slouching mom said...

oh, man, is that funny.

and did your husband ever give you a dirty look at the end of that clip.

still laughing!

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

Had he never seen a baby before that?
And yeah, that look he gave: spoke volumes

Blogger Jill said...

That looks remarkably like my own technique. Those dang babies just won't lie still!

Blogger Christine said...


Blogger Gwen said...

Ha! I felt like a real mom, momentarily, when I mastered changing a poopy diaper, with the pooper standing, in a nasty airport bathroom.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

LOLLOLLOL bawahahahaha!

Okay we are one view #3. Yes, I said we meaning me and Persistence, who is riveted.

"Baby do-ing away, mama," she explains to me, "Silly baby! He detting a wiper on! Fwesh pants!"

Her favorite part is when Hollis crawl across the bed and your husband drags him back (just before you say. "He's getting away."

Oh whoops, it ended and here she is saying, "Wanna watching baby!"

Now we get "Dat silly baby!" and "He have poopydoop Mama?"

This last time she ended with, "Baby funny! Wanna more baby!"

LOL (View 7 coming up, argh!)

P.S. The look he gives you at the end...classic! My favorite part!

Blogger Mom101 said...

That's so great. Although I sympathize - around here I'm the incompetent diaperer and he's the one laughing from behind the camera.

Blogger Kevin Charnas said...

Oh damn it, that was funny!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Thanks, all! T hates this video because he thinks it casts him in an unfair light. Of course, that's why I like it so much. Baaaahaaaa! T used to try & be all "nice" about changing the diaper because Hollis would scream if pinned down. He's since gotten over that.

Julie - I think your daughter's viewing of the video is funnier than the video itself! "Dat silly baby." Priceless!

Anonymous Momish said...

LOL! I think he did a great job! I am not I would have remained so calm!

Blogger Celeste said...

I thought you should know that I was watching this while Anaïs slept soundlu in her bounce ron the floor and when Hollis started screaming she woke up and did the same! Shit.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

God, I had forgotten that clip! Hysterical! T - the stand-in for all fathers!

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