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Sunday in Pictures
The climbers can't wait to get outside.

Pool play.

A shoe adjustment.

A ride on the "tractor" with Daddy.

Eating sand. Again.

This is why I love Summer.

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Oh. So cute!

Yes, while it is still nice, it is SO nice.

We had a Summer Fling pool party---our neighborhood does it every year, almost 20 years now. All the neighbors come, kids play organized games, the boy Scouts host a cookout, and we had a silent auction to raise money for neighborhood improvements. Fun!

Okay lots of cute photos, LOL about the eating sand, but the best moment is the one-shoed wonder at the end. :)

Blogger slouching mom said...

Oh, I forget that where you live it's already well into summer, isn't it... ;)

I like the first photo at the window so much.

Blogger jen said...

all the boys are cute, friend. looks like a wonderful day.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Very cool, LM!

Blogger Amy W said...

And that's why I love summer too!!

Blogger SheilaAndChase said...

I can't wait for my boys to be able to play together like that! Adorable photos and your boys are so cute, as always.

Blogger Bon said...

summer...green with envy over (erm, up) here. it snowed last week. it piss poured rain all weekend.

my child has barely seen grass since last summer, let around run around on it.

your photos are beautiful. :)

Blogger PunditMom said...

Mmmm. Sand.

Anonymous Jenny said...
Anonymous Momish said...

Great photos! And I am jealous that summer is already upon you. I can't wait for it to find it's way over here.

P.S. I tagged you for the ABC meme (if you want!)

They are just the cutest things in the world! Now, if they could only act that way 24/7.....AND if you ever figure out how to make them I will pay you BIG money to pass along the info! :)

HEY! I finally posted your questions......better late than never!

Blogger Sunshine said...

Loving the sunbeams in the last photo. THAT is summer.

Blogger CPA Mom said...

Wish it had been this hot Saturday. *sigh* oh well, then I would have had to wear a swimsuit and my jelly rolls are not quite ready for public exposure I think.

These pictures are just adorable!!

Anonymous lildb said...

sand is evidently a gourmet snack in toddler world.

my kid can't seem to eat enough of it when he's ensconced in a box full of the stuff. I'm always busy thinking, um, EW.

p.s. those boys are divinely adorable. your babies -- are looking a lot like little boys.

Blogger Treadmillista said...

Love the pictures, your boys are adorable.

Blogger Life As I Know It said...

Great pictures. Love the bottle of Corona in the background of one of them...mmmm, the perfect summer beer.

Blogger mitchgib said...

New blogger here, from Queen of the M., isn't it amazing how those pullups suck up the H2O ! They must weigh 15lbs ! Excellent blog !

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

So cute! Looks like a wonderful day to me.

Blogger ewe are here said...

What a lovely day you had!
I love that the days are longer and the weather is warmer...

Blogger Mimi said...

What great photos! What cute kids!

Sand: the other white grain.

Yum ;-)

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