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Ten Things About ... My Mom

I've been tagged by Chicky, Chicky, Baby and Mama Loves for the Ten Things About Me meme. The Divine Mrs. Chicky shook things up a bit by writing ten things about her mother instead and I'm going to copy her in honor of Mother's Day. So, without further delay, I give you ten things about my mom:

  1. She loves daisies and hates the smell of magnolias.
  2. She was raised in New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana. She is the oldest of 7 siblings, 5 brothers and 1 sister. Her oldest brother, my Uncle Jim, died 7 years ago from liver cancer. I know she still misses him.
  3. She makes the best gumbo in the world. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Now, of course, I make a pretty good gumbo as well. My husband swears it's just as good as my mom's, but I know that it's really not.
  4. Her maiden name is the same as my father's last name, except for 1 letter. She has a Y where he has an I. They are actually very distantly related. The misspelling of the last name in 1 branch of the family happened in a census in Louisiana sometime in the 1800's. (T loves to make jokes about how, in Southern tradition, my family tree does not fork. Hilarious, I know.)
  5. She loves New Orleans, but could never live there again.
  6. She was devastated when Katrina destroyed New Orleans, and again when she visited for Mardi Gras this year.
  7. My mom is a fantastic bridge player and has played, and beaten, Warren Buffet. If anyone reading is actually familiar with the rankings of the American Contract Bridge League, she is a silver life master. I'm dying to tell you more about this but I don't want my mom to be outed with a quick Google search without her permission!
  8. My mom was a math teacher and she taught me about negative numbers when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade. I have to admit it was awfully handy to have my mom at home if I was confused about something in Geometry or Calculus.
  9. She's been married to my dad for 36 years and still adores him.
  10. My mother always pushed me to try harder in school, to try harder at everything I did, to be a better person and to climb a little higher. I resented some of it while I was growing up, but now I know that I would not be who I am if she hadn't been standing behind me pushing.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

I tag Joanne of Pundit Mom, Nancy of Mom, Ma'am, Me, Amy of A Family Story, and Angela of Did You See That and CPA Mom. If you've already done this meme, feel free to ignore me. If not, tell me 10 things about you, your mom, your dog, or your left big toe. Feel free to get creative and you can hate me later!

In other news, I'm happy to report that my cousin C gave birth to her little girl this morning. Happy Mother's Day, C, and many more to come.



Blogger jen said...

i love women who have loved long and hard. it's a whole story in and of itself.

lovely tribute.

Blogger Mrs. Belle said...

Wonderful post!
Happy mothers day!

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Your mom makes the best gumbo? I'll be right over. Seriously. I'm now craving gumbo big time.

Thanks for accepting the tag!

Blogger CPA Mom said...

hmmmm....may have to do 10 things about my mom. or my husband....

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I like the transition to ten things about your mom. It's very cool to learn about these moms, and interesting to see the list that comes to you.

P.S. Hmm. Best gumbo? I have my New Orleans granny's recipe. We may need a cookoff. ;)

Blogger PunditMom said...

Lovely tribute to your mom. Now, I'll put my thinking cap on! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day and I hope the book arrived!

Blogger Mary G said...

This was great! I want to wish her 'Happy Grandma's' Day.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Have I ever mentioned how cool I think it is that you have a Frank Herbert quote in your header?

Blogger Amy W said...

Thanks for the tag...

This was great!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

GF - I'm a big Frank Herbert fan. I'm not really into scifi lit, but I loved Dune. I think I read it for the first time when I was 10.

Blogger weatherchazer said...

Your mom sounds a lot like mine...she sounds great!

Blogger slouching mom said...

Aww. She sounds terrific. And she's absolutely adorable in that photo.

So sweet, this tribute, or meme.

Blogger Binky said...

Your mom looks so pretty and southern in that picture. And the thought of gumbo makes my mouth water. You will be disgusted to know that I usually have to get my gumbo from a soup mix where I add the meat and fish myself.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Binky - Ahhhhhh! (covering my ears & screaming) I'm not listening! I'm not listening!

It is obvious your mom did a fantastic job when it comes to her daughter....

PLUS...you just have to know I love those LA ladies!

Great post!

Blogger david santos said...

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Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

What a very cool meme!

Blogger ewe are here said...

What a cool tribute to your mom. Just great.

Blogger Jen Magnuson said...

Can I just say I love the purple stripes of your mom's ensemble and how they compliment the yellow floral - what a great picture! So vintage (that would be our generation, I guess. Vintage)

Great tribute.

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