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Nemo's Revenge
Well, I know you've all missed me desperately but I've been off lawyering and mothering. We took a road trip this weekend up to visit a law school friend in the Northeast. It was great to see Lawyer Friend, Mr. Lawyer Friend and their 20 month old but 12 hours of car ride is a little too much in 3 days. Next time we'll have to make it at least five days so Lawyer Friend and I can find some time to shop.

Have I mentioned Hollis's obsession with Finding Nemo? No? Well, the first thing the kid asks for in the morning is "Nemee" (aka Nemo in Hollis-speak). So we had a nice long ride of Nemo, Nemo and more Nemo on the portable DVD player. We tried to buy him off with a little Curious George, but he wasn't having it. It was Nemee! Nemee! Nemee! For the whoooooole long trip. After the nonstop weekend NemoFest, Hollis has decided that he can speak Whale. I think it's hilarious, but maybe I've just seen the movie a few too many times!



Blogger PunditMom said...

I speak whale! But it drives Rachel CRAZY! :O

I hope you enjoy Nemo the next 5,478 times you see it!

BTW -- Missed your posts.

Blogger Kristen said...

Leah's obsessed with elmo currently, but her past obsessions have been Pablo from the Backyardigans and Diego of Go Diego Go!

Blogger Pendullum said...

I think that is hilarious...
My daughter's first obsession was Wallis and Grommit(The early years, the Close Shave and theWrong Trousers and such) and then she went to the Japanese Anime My Neighbor Totoro (She absolutely still loves Hayao Miyazaki...
Gonearethe days when she will watch something over and over again... But she still will go back andwatch one of these as'classics'

Blogger Blue Moon Mama said...

The squeaker is obsessed with Nemo! Or, more specifically, with the sharks and turtles in Nemo.

For a while, we watched long sections of it every single night. At least it's fairly amusing for parents, too. My mother-in-law recently bought a Barney DVD, and we are SO not risking showing it to the squeaker. Who wants to be subjected to THAT everyday?!?

Blogger Donna said...

I miss the days of Nemo. Nora really is not interested in watching TV yet. (She's weird, I know!)

Anonymous nrs said...

Have you tried giving him headphones when he watches the DVD? My daughter resisted them the first 10 times we tried, but now she happily watches Little Mermaid for 10 hours with them. Yay for us. Now we can listen to a book on tape!

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