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Toddling Away From Mommy
OK, I've been bad about posting this week. I know. It's been busy at work and my Little H is sick. Poor thing.

Well, have I mentioned yet that Holden has started walking? That's right, my NINE month old is taking his first shaky little steps towards independence already. His brother started walking at ten months, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but he just seems too little for this stage! Or maybe Mommy's just not ready for it yet.

Even though both of my H's were early walkers, they got to that stage in very different ways. Hollis is my shy guy. He is cautious and careful in new situations, just like me. Hollis learned to pull up on the furniture and cruise around at an early age but he wouldn't let go. For months T and I walked hunched around the house with Hollis clutching our fingers. We both knew he could walk if he would just take a chance, but he wouldn't do it until he was good and ready. And then finally, when he was ten months old, he forgot himself and walked. He almost seemed surprised to discover that he wasn't holding on to Mommy's hand but he was so proud of himself!

Holden is completely different. He dives head first off of the couch and into everything. He refuses to hold onto my hands to walk. He doesn't want to cruise on the furniture. Instead, he surprised us both by pulling up to a stand on the couch, turning around, and taking his first steps holding on to nothing at all. It was deliberate and gutsy. Holden actually seemed more surprised that we were so excited!

How can two children who are the product of the same genetic material be so different? I know some of the difference can be explained by Hollis's first child status. Being Type A people, T and I are completely neurotic about every stage through which he passes. I'm sure our pediatrician will begin rolling his eyes and sighing if ask him about Hollis's speech development one. more. time. But that can't be the end of the story. Yes, I know that much of personality is probably genetic, but knowing that and seeing it unfold for yourself are two entirely different things.

Anyway, I hope Holden doesn't walk away from me too quickly. I'm not ready to have two toddlers ganging up on me!



Blogger PunditMom said...

Ahhh ... two ganging up on you! You know with two boys, it's only a matter of time! :)


Blogger ExPatSW said...

You and Dawn need to start a support group!

Blogger jen said...

wow...i take my hat off to you - as i can barely manage one. he's delicious.

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