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Halloween With the Dynamic Duo
Check out the snot!
The kiddos dressed as Batman and Robin for Halloween this year. But of course Mommy had to mix things up a bit and dress Little H as Batman and Big H as Robin. We took the kids to the mall for trick or treating and Hollis had 4 suckers and 2 french fries for dinner. Guess I'm going to have to add that the the Mommy confessions.

I will now bore you to death with more photos of the Dynamic Duo:

I want YOU for the Super Friends!

Batman kicks back in the Batmobile and enjoys a good nose pick. (He also refuses to suffer the indignity of socks.)

Make one more move with that camera, Mommy, and the pumpkin gets it.

The Dynamic Duo watch, ironically, cartoons.



Anonymous Momish said...

Great photos! Too adorable! And, I love the switcheroo, that's classic.

Blogger Donna said...

Awww!!! The duo is too dynamically cute!!! I have pics of the 2 oldest dressed the same way for Halloween. I really miss the coordinating costume days.

Blogger Pendullum said...

Why can'tI see the pics onmy MAC????
Now I have to go upstairs to my hubby's pc and see if it will let me see the dynamic duo!!!!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Pendullum - Sorry! No discrimination against Mac users was intended!

Blogger PunditMom said...

Excellent costumes! I hope you all had fun!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

So did T dress up as Alfred?

Blogger ArmyMama said...

Your little ones are sooo cute!!! Congrats to you!

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