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OK, Now I'm Annoyed
I generally try to ignore all of the political vitriol that goes on in October and November of every election year. I read up on the candidates and their views to make an informed decision. I certainly don't buy every soundbite I hear on CNN or Fox News (T's choice - ugh). I generally take everything I hear on TV or read in the paper with a grain of salt and make up my own mind.
But this nonsense about John Kerry insulting U.S. troops in Iraq has really pissed me off. And no, I'm not pissed at Kerry. I'm pissed off at the evil right wing spin machine and the news media for buying the spin hook, line and sinker. And, yes, maybe I am a little mad at Kerry for APOLOGIZING!

Here's the soundbite:

You have to admire the genius of the Republican spin machine, but it seems pretty clear to me that he wasn't talking about U.S. troops at all. He was talking about our President. You know, the guy who skated his way through an ivy league education? Yes, he could have chosen his words a little more carefully. But apparently only expressly stating "I'm talking about President Bush, people!" would have been enough to appease the right wing sharks on the prowl for Democratic blood. Now everybody shut up about it already.



This is a tough one. I am almost ALWAYS on the side of the Democrats or liberals when it comes to this stuff, but this time I think Kerry really put his foot in his mouth. The reason I didn't like his comment is that it seemed to imply that people who join the armed forces could have avoided joining if they had just studied hard enough and gotten a higher education, but I think the reality is that people often join because that is, unfortunately, their best option, especially if they come from a poor community and they have difficulty affording an education in the first place.

Blogger Blue Moon Mama said...

Well said, lawyer mama. It's too bad that Kerry didn't anticipate how bad his comments would sound out of context, but that doesn't excuse the right-wing efforts to deliberately misconstrue what he said.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

ITA that that's how Kerry's comments sounded bad if taken out of context OR if you say "Listen to this, Kerry's insulting our troops!" But if you just listen to his words, he didn't mention troops at all. He was talking about President Bush being stuck in Iraq b/c of his history of mediocrity, not studying, etc... I'm from a military family - my father, brother & husband all have or are serving in the military voluntarily. If I thought Kerry had been attacking our volunteer troops, I would be completely outraged, party affiliation notwithstanding.

If John Kerry hadn't been in Vietnam, if he'd been a draft dodger or even in the National Guard, I think he'd have less credibility with his explanation. But given the fact that he volutarily participated in another war in which many non-privileged young men truly were stuck, I can't see that the Republican interpretation of his words makes any sense. And it irritates the hell out of me that they're shamelessly using our troops to push their agenda - distracting everyone from the horrible mess the administration has made.

Blogger PunditMom said...

No big surprise that the GOP will take ANY opportunity to turn twist someone's words against them for political gain.

Having said that, I think Kerry could have been a bit more careful about how he worded his comments so that they would not have drawn this fire.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

I have long been disgusted with the political slamming that goes on in this country, especially during elections. So it was not surprising to me to find that it goes on in the UK as well. What continues to amaze me, however, is that so many supposedly intelligent, educated people continue to blindly swallow the media propaganda. They hear a small sound bite (like the one of Kerry) and run with it! And when faced with an opposing viewpoint, they are absolutely convinced that you are completely misguided and naive! Can you tell I'm visiting S in NC?)

Blogger lildb said...

As Alec Baldwin so beautifully put it on Bill Maher's show last night, "Kerry is just one watt short of a bulb in [the joke-telling] department."

Sigh. I wish he'd stop trying to tell jokes. Leave that s**t to the comedians. Be a boring, stodgy, capable member of government. It's what he's good at.

Blogger Chelsea/Mom said...

Go Dems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I have something to be happy about tomorrow. I found a baby bib online I so want to get for my kid. It's got the alphabet and no "W". Classic.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

I'm a veteran of eight years enlisted service in the MArine Corps.

I knew what Kerry meant, and it should have been plain to anyone that had, what some of my friends call, "a lick of sense".

Tempest in a teapot.

The polls opened five minutes ago...

Go Webb!!!

Blogger Gunfighter said...

BTW Lawyer Mama... are you in the first Congressional District, represented by the utterly useless JoAnn Davis?

Blogger mad muthas said...

i've NO idea of the issue (though i'll go and educate myself directly - honest), but i'm all for righteous indignation. i reckon it's a great force for change - so go where your ire pushes you!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Gunfighter - Nope, I'm in the 4th Congressional District represented by the equally useless Thelma Drake. And it looks like we will be for another 2 years. Ugh. At least I can take solace in the fact that the Dems TOOK BACK THE HOUSE! WOOHOO!

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Kerry sure did screw the joke up. The transcript of the actual speech was nothing like what he said. A small case of foot in mouth, perhaps? George W. has a chronic case so it's all a wash.

And the spin didn't hurt the Democrats one bit. We still took the House and Senate. Woot!

Blogger Crankmama said...

Nothing can ruin my good mood about the fact that we just kicked some SERIOUS ASS!!

NOW who's going to spin, mo -fos!

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