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Sebastian is NOT a Chicken!
T recently taught H&H the Chicken Dance.

It's frigging hilarious! However, T is now using his power for evil.

T hates the Miami Hurricanes. (T is a Nebraska fan.) He tolerates their existence because of my love for the Canes, but still constantly makes fun of the Miami mascot - Sebastian, the ibis. (Like, Herbie Husker is anything to be proud of, T!) Anyway, T was wearing one of my Miami sweatshirts yesterday and Hollis kept pointing to it & then doing the chicken dance arm flap (see video above). T swears he didn't teach him that, but it looked suspicious to me....

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Blogger jen said...

still worth having on video and dragging it out when he's 13, right?

Blogger PunditMom said...

Ahh, I LOVE starting those family traditions!

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