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Does This Count as a Baby Book?
Since I've been confessing all sorts of things lately, I'll give you another one. I scrapbook. That's right. I might as well give it up and buy the minivan and the Mom Jeans now. I used to make disparaging comments about people who scrapbook and even referred to Creative Memories as a cult. Then I had a baby and I needed to do something with the 50,000 photos I took of Hollis in his first 3 months. Someone invited me to a crop party and the next thing you know, I've spent $250 on scrapbooking materials, papers, and embellishments. I began happily scrapping away, creating a book of lovely photos and memories for Hollis.

But when Hollis was very young (cough*sixmonthsold*cough) we found out I was literally screwed having another little bundle of joy. (Actually, I believe T's actual words were "Oh, fuck." Now, that's one for the baby book.) Pregnancy is not fun for me. I'm not one of those women who walks around sweating glowing and lying gushing about how wonderful carrying a little miracle is. Pregnancy for me means 9 months (Yes, NINE MONTHS) of barfing, no energy, shooting up with insulin 3 or 4 times a day, and constant medical appointments and sonograms. The second time around I even got to add in a kidney stone, hospitalization, and high blood pressure. It was tons of fun. So basically, I'm just rationalizing the fact that I completely stopped doing any work on Hollis's scrapbook. And I haven't gotten back to it. I make a digital scrap page every now and then (see photo above), but I really haven't been recording all those little milestones and memories for H&H anymore - at least not like I did before. Now, if H&H does something amazing I might jot it down on my calendar or toss a memento into a box. That's about it.

So, of course, I've been flagellating myself for not keeping a diary (like my mother-in-law) or at least a baby book or letters to H&H of some sort. Then last night as I was perusing the comments on my blog, I realized that this is sort of a journal for me. Whether intentional or not, I have (at least for the last few months) been documenting our lives. And my children may someday like my medium even more than a baby book. If they read my blog they'll have insight into so much about me and who I am. Maybe they won't care about that when they're 15, but I bet they will when they're 30. Or after I'm gone and they have children of their own. So I have now completely justified to myself all time that I selfishly spend on my blog!

Oh and I'm never getting a minivan.

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Anonymous Momish said...

I feel the same way. Blogs really are a journal is so many ways.

I love that scrapbook! It's great. I tried it but lost patience with the mini glue dots that ended up stuck everywhere and in my hair, it was a nightmare. But, I can definately see the draw.

Blogger PunditMom said...

No, not the minivan! Here's my confession -- I scrapbook, too, as does my best friend from law school who is a magistrate judge!

Now, having said that, it's been a long time since I hauled out the materials, but I do have several year's worth of photos done!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I totally feel the same way about blogging. I think my kids will like to read it when they're adults, but I'm going to have to carefully select the posts they get to read. I seem to be talking about sex a lot lately so I'm probably gonna purge those! LOL

And I think that scrapbooking is WAY cool. I have all the materials to start my first one. I'm going to try to do it as a Christmas present to my son.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger mad muthas said...

the other thing you can do, of course, is to jam all the photos into a drawer so tight you can never open it again ... maybe a minivan isn't such a bad idea ...

Anonymous Nancy said...

I am hoping that my blog -- or parts of it -- will become a record for my girls as they get older. I have been terrible about recording the girls' main life events, so they'll have to settle for this. Guess it's better than nothing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

Blogger BlogWhore said...

Is that pic from your scrap book? I like it. It would make a nice Christmas card for us.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

My Ph.D Mrs is also a scrapbooker.... go figure.

And don't scorn the minivan... we rent one every summer for our vacation trip to Disneyworld.

Minivans are the bomb!

Blogger Blue Moon Mama said...

I gotta agree with gunfighter that minivans are the bomb!!

So convenient, so roomy, so comfy!!

Give in! Give in! Give in!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one Momish, PM & M off the R!

Mad Muthas - Yeah, most of my pics are crammed in a drawer. The ones I've bothered to print off!

Blogwhore - Thanks! That's a digital scrap page I made with Photoshop. I've been too lazy to print it out or actually put it in a scrapbook though.

Gunfighter & BMM - Noooooooooooo!

Blogger lildb said...


no way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous book.

I refuse to wear Mom jeans and drive a mini van...I'll join you on a pursuit to ban those items...hee hee

Blogger bubandpie said...


Six months, eh? That is extreme!

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