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Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Anna Quindlen's column in Newsweek has a great discussion about the politics versus reality of abortion this week. I think she's probably right, that many women who are pro-choice are still conflicted about abortion. I know one or two women who had abortions and never looked back, that's true. But the remaining friends who have had abortions have been torn up about it. Not necessarily torn up about the decision they made, but about making the decision in the first place.

It's not easy to admit it, but my own feelings about abortion have changed dramatically in the last few years. As a teenager or a young woman, I considered abortion a medical procedure. I can say with certainty that the choice, if there was one to be made, would have been fairly easy for me. Now, I think I see abortion from both sides of the debate. As a mother, well, the idea of the ending a potential life horrifies me. But as a mother I also understand and completely agree that someone who is not ready for this awesome responsibility should not be forced to shoulder it. Outlawing abortion could only lead to more tragedy.

Whatever your views, I hope you'll read the article.

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Blogger Blue Moon Mama said...

Count me among the conflicted.

I was very pro-life in high school, because I didn't really understand what would motivate women to seek abortions, and I came from a big family with lots of little siblings.

When I understood better, I became very pro-choice.

And yet I cringe at the black & white rhetoric, and I worry at the casual way abortion is sometimes used. But mostly, I value the right, hope that I never need to exercise it, and try to trust in my fellow women whose burdens I have not shouldered to make their own choices. But it's a tough issue.

I think the democrats would benefit from saying so.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have never been ambivalent about abortion....my views today are pretty much the same as they were in my teens (eons ago!). I am absolutely, unequivically pro-choice. I don't think I would ever have an abortion (not that's it's an issue at my age) but I will defend to the death my right to have one. And, your right, as well.

I think it is a deeply personal decision and, from discussions with other women in both the personal and professional arenas, it is never an easy one.

I have seen what happens when those who aren't ready to parent have children. I am the one who goes into their homes, picks up the pieces, removes the children, and tries to help them all put their lives back together. I have spoken with women who say that they have no other choice but to abort. What they really mean is that they have no better choice.

It's sad that in a country where we have so much, some people have so few choices. To further limit their options is appalling.

Quindlen's column was well written and meaningful. Unfortunately, this is an issue that won't be resolved anytime soon. And, in the meantime, women who shouldn't be giving birth will continue to do so and chidlren will continue to suffer for it.

Blogger lildb said...

I support it because each of us must make that decision for ourselves. No one else should have any say in the matter of our utuerus (uteri?).

it is only a tough issue for the individual. for the masses, it is simply a thing that exists. (or at least it should be that way.)

my two pfenigs.

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