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Anderson Cooper Is My New Best Friend
I heart Anderson Cooper.

What's not to like? He's great at his job. He's super intelligent. (There is nothing more attractive than a man with a decent brain.) And yes, guys, that silver hair he has is sexy.

Of course, I'm sure he's off being famous and reporting something important at all times.

So when I opened my email earlier a few days ago and saw that someone named The Coop was now following me on Twitter, I assumed it was our friend, J. Cooper, who, for some strange reason, can't stand Anderson Cooper. (Personally, I think our friend is a tad bit jealous.)

When I checked out The Coop's profile, however, I had quite a surprise.

It appears to be THE Anderson Cooper!

Anderson FRIGGIN' Cooper! Following ME on Twitter.

Never mind that he's following like 1,200 other people. Or that it probably isn't even the REAL Anderson Cooper anyway. The guy is hilarious. Here's a quote from his Twitters:

Unthinkable tragedy: At appx 5:30AM this morning I found a non-silver pube infiltrating the Coop Carpet. I gotta go buy a silver Sharpie.
A girl can dream, can't she?

Wil, you may have been replaced.

* Photo shamelessly lifted from CNN.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an act of devotion you should start wearing ONLY Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. I think my mom still has a few vintage pairs in her closet. You are welcome to them.

If you are done with Wil can I have him?

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

He's all yours babe.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

OH NO! I was 100% behind you and Wil but you will have to take me down to get The Coop.

He had me at, "Lou just asked Wolf to pull his finger, and when Wolf did it, Lou slapped him on the ass really hard and yelled "April Fools!" Hilarious!"

I mean how is that not real?

Also FWIW, Anderson Cooper *and* Barack Obama FOUND ME and asked to be my Twitter buddies (is it just me or is that really nasty sounding?).

I am so hot.


Blogger slouching mom said...

Darling Steph, you DO know that I went to elementary school with Anderson? Kindergarten through seventh grade?

Yep, that's me. Famous only by association.

If you do get to hanging with him, tell him someone from his Dalton years has been following his rise to fame.

Blogger Gwen said...

That's awesome! I'm sure it's the real deal. Someone that zexy must also be funny. And have lots and lots of time on his hands.

(And I never understood the Wil Wheaton thing anyway. You were always too good for him.)

Blogger jen said...

this makes me want to rub up against your leg. because that's exactly how i feel about Anderson.


Blogger PunditMom said...

And why WOULDN'T he want to follow you, you sexy mama? ;)

Blogger Velma said...

And we can say we knew you from way back before The Coop was following you...

Blogger Jen M. said...

Slouching Mom knew Anderson Cooper??? You may be followed by him on Twitter?

I am going to pass out now.

Blogger Naomi from IttyBiz said...

Awwwww. I never get politicians or newscasters or anybody famous following me. This could be because I'm Canadian and am of no use to them, but STILL.

Will dream sweet Coopy dreams. (Hmm. Sounds too much like Goopy. Maybe not.)

Blogger Amy said...

I have always loved that man. Even way back when he hosted 'The Mole'...did you ever watch that show? I heart him too dear!

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

I think he's mad hot.

Mr. Egg is convinced he's gay. Huuuh?? really?? yup.

is it true??

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