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Peacock on a Fence

Peacock on a Fence

There was a time in my life when I was almost afraid of color. I wore a lot of black. Or mostly black with a little red thrown in. Or mostly navy blue with a little red thrown in. Or mostly brown with a little red thrown in.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

As as adult, and with confidence in myself, I've learned to love color.

My house has every color of the rainbow on its walls. I like to tell people we got drunk and painted the house. My favorite color scheme in my home, the dining room, is orange and teal. I have almost a pumpkin orange on the walls, light teal window treatments and a teal, brown, and cream rug. It makes me happy every time I see it.

I wear color too. I'm not afraid of it any more. Well, maybe I'm afraid of yellow. It makes me look too sallow. But other than yellow, if I like it, I'll wear it. In fact, I'm toting around a patent leather kelly green purse right now. It's fabulous.

Today I wore a light orange sweater topped with a dark plum corduroy jacket and a black satin skirt with dark plum flowers sewn on and embroidered in orange thread. It sounds a bit out there, but trust me, I looked fierce. (As Christian would say.)

Color adds so much to my life. As much as I love the serene calm of white snow, all that white space calling out to me; I love the gorgeous fuchsia, celadon, kelly, violet, and all the blushing colors of Spring, more. Or the warm, rich colors of Fall deep with spices, the burnt red of crackling fires and falling leaves, and the deep shades of football jerseys.

I'm discovering that my personality and love of color is appearing in my photographs as well.

I'll always love the dark tones of a cool vintage photo,

Looking Through a Fence

or the peaceful feeling of a nice black and white conversion (or mocha and white),

Holden snow2 Mocha

but color is my forte.

Moonlight Dancing

Rich, saturated, glorious color.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Color just suits me.

Ride on a Dreamy Carousel

And I still love to add a little of my red every now and then.

Red Barn

What's your signature color?

Originally posted on Lawyer Mama Dabbles.

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Blogger ExPatSW said...

Purple....any shade of purple. My bedroom is shades of purple and when I went home and clothes shopped two years ago I found (when packing to return) that I had bought fifteen purple tops!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and it's awesome. I love Momocrats too and still miss Edwards as a candidate. But to address the question, I am with you on the color thing. It just makes me feel good to surround myself with color. My signature colors are Deep Purple, Burgundy and a nice, rich, emerald green.

Blogger Mamma said...

A. Don't bring that bag near me or I swear I'll steal it. I'm just being honest with you now. Patent leather? Kelly green? Fabulous indeed!!

B. I love color too. My kitchen walls are kelly green.

C. Signature color? I don't have just one but probably bright cherry red or icy blues. Hard to say. I also love green, deep pinks and yellow (bright or pale not golden).

D. I'm going to stop typing now becuase I'm sure I've filled up the comment with way more information than you EVER wanted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do love color, but have been known to dress in black and variants.

My favorite color is lavender, though. I love its serenity and calm.

(but yes... red is too much fun).


PS. You are suck an incredible photographer. Ever think of doing it for a living?

Blogger Velma said...

Red, red, tomato red. I painted my kitchen last summer, and every single time I look at the walls, I feel happy.

I'm a color junkie, too - I get lost in it a lot. It's frustrating when people around me don't seem to see what I'm seeing - but really nice to hear (and see) someone else's appreciation for it too!

Blogger Kyla said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Blogger jen said...

you are so talented. now i want to see pics of your house...and all it's colored glory.

Blogger Angela said...

So pretty, Stephanie. You are very talented. Yep.

Blogger Christine said...

i, too, have color all over my house--red dining room, orange study,etc. but i am very afraid to wear color. i desperately want to be int he background, i guess. but besides black, brown, etc. i do occasionally wear red. i just love red. the color i really want to wear more often, though, is green.

Running on empty

Blogger slouching mom said...

that lake photo is GORGEOUS.

i like browns and maroons.

Blogger Stimey said...

I'm an orange lover.

Beautiful pictures!

Blogger Biggie-Z said...

Wow, these photos are amazing! My signature color(s) are, not surprisingly, reds and pinks. Some of it comes from clothing I chose for myself, but just as many were gifts - so I guess people who know me well see me in reds, fuschias, magentas, and pinks too.

But overall, I love colors and juxtaposing jewel tones. I'm a little better at dressing though, so I no longer look like a clown when I want to put my bright colors together!


Blogger Defiantmuse said...

ah, the peacock photos are so beautiful! wow. so vivid. those suckers are mean, dude. I was attacked as a kid at Audubon zoo. The again, wasn't every kid in New Orleans attacked by a peacock at some point?

Blogger Paige said...

You have such a gift with the camera, woman. Such a gift.

Yellow is a color I've loved since I was small. I don't often wear it, but I feel it's the hue that best defines my heart.

Anonymous 3D Child charms said...

Beautiful photography. Wonderful Memories

Anonymous Baby Clothes said...

I suppose my signature color is orange (I like green too). You are a great photographer. We are having a baby photo contest. I hope you'll consider submitting some of your work. :)

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