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Her name is Patches. Hollis picked her out, so he named her Patches, despite the fact that she really doesn't have any patches. But the name seems to suit her anyway.

Yes, she does look an awful lot like Pandy, with white whiskers, white socks, and a white belly. But her cutest feature is totally unique - a little white diamond between her eyes. I thought of all sorts of clever names for her, but I guess the days of actually getting to name our pets are over!

Patches is a rescue kitten and comes with a host of health problems. Our vet tells us she has roundworm, lungworm, and a respiratory virus. We have to keep her isolated from Hilly until she's better. But Patches has made a little boy very happy.

If you're interested, I'm pissing off people left and right on D.C. Metro Moms Blog. I seem to have started a small mommy war. Oops.

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Anonymous Katie said...

Hey there- I just finished reading the "Mommy War" and I am sitting here LMAO! I have been on all 3 sides, SAHM, WM, WFHM (work from home mom), and as ugly as it sounds, I think SAHMs are the most selfish of all women. I am ALLOWED to say that because I was one. First of all, the concerns about other siblings coming etc- that is pure rudeness on the part of the invitee. I have 4 daughters, and I explain to every one of them and to every host, that they are 4 individuals, not a group set, so if the invite is to Molly- Molly goes to the party and the other kids are SOL. If I run into an issue with getting a kid there, or having an extra kid along, there is the option of calling another invitee and asking that parent to help you out. Since SAHMs THRIVE on being NEEDED, it strokes a lot of egos and helps me at the same time. Of course, I do always offer to return the favor with a playdate, or something so the SAHM can do something like- oh go to the grocery store alone. If I do have a tag-a-long- I call the host parent and clear it through them first. I never make it an ultimatum (again- very rude)and I explain that the extra kid does not need or expect a goodie bag and the extra kid is under threat of death and promise of a treat on the way home if they act up about it. This is an issue of manners on both sides. No one wants to see their kids' feelings hurt, but at the same time people need to respect who the invitation is addressed to- since when did kids parties become invitations for entire families? When did it become acceptable to assume an invitation to "Shea" also says: Katie, Phil, Ryley, Casey, and Molly in invisible ink? Because of this level of rudeness (or anti-trust, because I may let your kid play with the nail guns while at my house) our family has the following policy for birthdays. 1) Pick 1 friend to do something special with. 2) When you turn 10, we have a big party. 3) When you turn 13 you go on a trip alone with Mom and Dad, and when you turn 16, there is a sweet 16- not anything to compete with MTV's glutonous display- but a nice affair to celebrate an important milestone. This is what works for our family- and it is a helluva a lot less stressful for parents and less painful on the pocketbook. AND, most importantly, our kids appreciate their celebrations so much more. So kudos Steph- I think you lit a fire, but it sure demonstrated where some people's values are... and to be honest, would you want your boys associating with them anyway? Kids live what they learn!

Blogger Gwen said...

Hi Patches! I need some animal photography tips, because any pictures I've ever taken of our cat end up making her look like the spawn of Satan.

I read the other blog--I'm glad to hear it all worked out okay for you guys in the end; I like when people don't disappoint, ultimately. And what is up with those bouncy places? They are wildly popular, but I'm always looking for the heroin needles (you know that study of ball pits? I feel that way about bouncy places .... lol).

I'm a SAHM, for now, and I am not friends with any moms in Lucy's pre-school class, beyond making pick-up chit chat. But then I'm kind of a b****. :-)

Blogger hollibobolli said...

criminy - I didn't read the study of the ball pits, but I did lose a contact in one of those and honest to God.. I almost lost my vision permanently and experienced one of the worst forms of physical pain known to mankind. whew.

I like being able to say I've been on all sides of the Mommy issue - and I think there are just crapheads in all forms when it comes to women. That's the reason I cherish the few female friends I have.. when I get along with another woman it's a beautiful thing.

That being said we haven't had one playdate since we've moved here!! Honestly, that's because every Mommy who has asked us to do something has made no attempt to meet me halfway with what will work with our schedule too.. and that kind of pisses me off. It's either what works for them - or nothing.. so I've chosen nothing. I offered halfway on a couple of occasions and was sent emails repeating "all the way" offers.

you know - blow me, we sleep late. We had to get up at 5AM for three years (because of Faith's daycare - I obviously worked for a long time before she came along.. I just overslept more).

okay, I'm not meaning to ramble. I was just going to say how cute the kitty is - that picture is really great!!!

I think Hollis is going to be just fine.


Blogger Nancy said...

Welcome home Patches =)

OK, off to read DC Metro !

Anonymous Mme. Meow said...

Awwww she's darling!! (off to see if you piss me off, k?)

Blogger ExPatSW said...

You can just see the happiness shine out of H's eyes! Lovely kitty!

Blogger PunditMom said...

She is one beautiful kitty!

Blogger Stimey said...

Congrats on your new baby! She's adorable.

Blogger Mamma said...

That is a cool diamond--and I'm not much on cats even though I have one.

As for the other post. Hehehehehe...I couldn't help but fuel it a little by putting it up on Sk-rt. You can hurt me at the next happy hour.

Blogger flutter said...

She is so beautiful!!

Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

joker says: very nice - for a cat...

herself says: i read some of the comments on your other blog but couldn't face reading all of the, i can imagine that horrible falling feeling in the pit of your stomach as you read some of the really icky ones. you don't need that level of hostility when you are coming out of depression. keep laughing gal!

Blogger andrea_frets said...

Hooray! Welcome to you new home, Patches!

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

cute kitty. but um. I dunno, dude. Her eyes are looking a little freaky-like in that first photo. Sort of...I dunno....possessed or "I'm going to attack you in your sleep or something?

um, I just read the comments on your post over at DC Metro Moms. Wow. What a bunch of bitchy mamas! Exactly why my skin crawls at the thought of hanging out with a bunch of other SAHM's....yikes.

Anonymous wright said...

Yea for the new cat. H does look happy!

And as far as th Mommy Wars, I think you are kinda right. I am a SAHM, but I think I would try to plan parties where all kids really could attend.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

That poor little kitty is just petrified, not psycho. Um... at least as far as I know....

How cute is Patches! You'll be happy to know that Pepsi is still around and officially entrenched as a member of the Mayhem!

I am so glad that Hollis found a new friend!

GOT to go and see what kind of trouble you are starting at DC Moms! :)

OOOOH! Steph.....you got an "unvitation"!

I hate when that happens! hee-hee

Blogger Christine said...

welcome little guy!

Running on empty

Blogger Michele said...

Patches is adorable : )

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