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Dirty Foot

Keep Climbing

Dirty Feet

Later on you'll ask me, "Why all the feet, Mom?"

I have an answer. You see, I blinked and suddenly you weren't a baby anymore. I can see it in your long, lanky boy legs, your face, your once round tummy, the way you run, and your feet.

You no longer have the chubby little feet of a baby. You have the feet of a boy; made to run, to climb, to walk away.

I want to remember them always, just as they are now.

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Anonymous wright said...

The pictures are amazing. I love your description " to run, to climb, to walk away." So poignant.

Blogger Kyla said...

I love those photos. Excellent.

Blogger PunditMom said...

These are beautiful! When are you going to start giving photography classes?? ;)

Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

awesome pics!

Blogger Mad Hatter said...

oooo, more feet for me. Thanks.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I love the feet!

Blogger Defiantmuse said...

I *love* the last one. It evokes so much but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what. But it's classic and nostalgic and makes me feel. Which is what art is supposed to, I guess :)

Blogger Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Love that last shot!

Blogger Stimey said...

I also love that last photo. And I know just what you mean.

Blogger Angela said...

Of course your shot was chosen--these are amazing. They truly are.

Blogger Super B's Mom said...

I *heart* dirty baby feet. When Super B has grocery store feet, I simply can't stop looking at them. It makes me want to kick off my shoes and go run in the dirt.

Blogger Ashley said...

Love these feet shots!

Thanks for the honorable mention vote over at shutter sisters!

Happy Girl Lucky/Ash Mash


Blogger Jenn said...

These pictures, to me, are some of the most beautiful childhood shots I've ever laid eyes upon.

I tried taking some of Big A's feet a million years ago; tried to capture that exact spot where childhood meets babyhood, but they weren't even close to successful.

If you're ever in the 'hood and want to photograph some Queens....

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