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Just Call Me Stephanie "the Stripper" Hussein
***Update*** Go check out all the links of the people playing "Just Call Me Hussein, The Meme." There are two cool buttons to choose from as well. You know you want one!

Have y'all heard about the latest Republican smear / xenophobic/ racist tactic?

Pundits such as Bill Cunningham and Ann Coulter have begun referring to Barack Obama as B. Hussein Obama or Barack Hussein Obama. Their purpose? To play on xenophobic fears about Muslims and terrorism. Personally, I think Obama should be proud of his name and his cultural background. So, the MOMocrats have decided to embrace this wholeheartedly and we'd like you to join us!

"Just Call Me Hussein Day was started by MOMocrats in response to fools like Bill Cunningham who is obviously still seven years old..."

My name seems pretty innocuous, right? I can't say that anyone really made fun of my name when I was growing up. The worst fear I had was that someone would realize Fanny was a nickname for Stephanie and start calling me that. My dad and my grandmother occasionally call me Stephie, but only they can get away with that. I'll rip the head off of anyone else who tries it. Just call me Steph, please.

The problem is, it's sort of hard to take anyone named Stephanie seriously in a professional context. I have this theory that if you'd like your daughter to grow up to be a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader or a stripper, give her a name that ends in Y, IE, or the Eeee sound. Try it out: Stephanie, Tiffany, Bambi, Debbie, Candie, Cindy, Mimi, etc.... They all work nicely, don't they?

So I can sympathize with the latest attempts to smear Barack Obama by making fun of his middle name, Hussein. But folks, this one is going to back fire. If Obama is anything like most Americans, he's damn proud of his name and his cultural heritage, no matter how much others may poke fun at him for it.

I may not have chosen Stephanie as my name, but it wasn't mine to choose. It was my parents. They choose it out of love and wonder at the new little girl they'd brought into the world. So, stripper name and all, Steph is who I am and who I'll always be.

In solidarity with Barack Obama, just call me Stephanie Hussein for today.

Ann Coulter can kiss my ass.

Want to join the fun? Here's what you do:

Everyone should title their post with their name (or blog name) and Hussein. Then share a childhood story about your name...I'm sure most of us have one. Or, if you don't, be creative. Make fun of your name.

So for example:
Title: Just Call Me Stephanie Hussein (Your Last Name) or Lawyer Hussein Mama

Include the following text at the top of your post:
"Just Call Me Hussein Day was started by the MOMocrats in response to fools like Bill Cunningham who is obviously still seven years old..."

Please link to MOMocrats at http://MOMocrats.typepad.com.

Include instructions for Just Call Me Hussein Day at the bottom of your post if you'd like to pass it on. Share the love!

Please join the
MOMocrats in blogging "Just Call Me Hussein" Day by sharing your story.

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Blogger jen said...

Ann can kiss my ass too. Long live the pole!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Ann Coulter's not fit to kiss my ass, but she can clean my cat room.

LMAO at your ee name theory. Funny...I have the SAME ONE!

Maybe it's a lifetime of people being disappointed that I'm really more of a Jane than a Julie, I guess. ;)

I hear pole dancing is a great workout, awesome for abs...

Just sayin.;)

Blogger Moondance said...

Here, here, Steph.

I did it, because we must show sillines for what it is.

Did you ever dot the -i with a little heart? Because my full name ends in a -y (part of the early 70s trend to of Stacy, Darcy, Jody, Tracy, etc) and I desperately wished that it ended in an -i so I could dot it with a little heart...or a peace sign.

Ann Coulter. Don't get me started. She isn't even worth the effort of getting out my thesaurus and looking up high fallutin' synonyms for hate monger.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard that about -y names before, but I always think "Emily" gets spared, perhaps because of the poet.

Blogger Lady Liberal said...

Ann Coulter needs a hug and a cupcake, I think.
But I'm not volunteering, 'cause I think she'd bite me!

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

LL - I think Ann Coulter needs a bit more than that, but I'm not volunteering either!

Emily - You're right. Unfortunately, there are no 19th Century poets by the name of Stephanie. Oh well.

Blogger Gwen said...

I named my youngest daughter Lucy just because I always dreamed of being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I mean, who hasn't?

And sadly, I've seen the Barack HUSSEIN thing around long before SatAnn jumped on that bandwagon.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Gwen - I love the name Lucy. Probably because I adored the C.S. Lewis series as a child, not knowing what it was *really* about!

I would never accuse Ms. Coulter of having an original thought.

Blogger dawn224 said...

Right on, how awesome!

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