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Do Pictures Make the Heart Grow Fonder?
While I'm gone, here are a few shots of Hollis meeting the geese at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Luckily they didn't attack and scar him for life. Geese are mean....

Hollis with Geese 4

Hollis with Geese

Hollis with Geese

Hollis with Geese


Blogger ewe are here said...

heh heh

Ramekin chased those very geese when we were there in the fall...near the children's section of the park... and they took off rather indignant about the whole situation.

heh heh

Blogger newnorth said...

geese are mean. Back in the day my friend got bitten by one. Got a bruise and everything. ...but some boy grabbed it and thru it on her. Can't blame the bird I guess.

Love your pictures :)

Blogger flutter said...

he is such a handsome kid

Blogger Kyla said...

Those are amazing.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

That last photo is gorgeous, and of course we'll miss you.

Anonymous wright said...

These are great - as always! Have a great trip!

Anonymous Redneck Mommy said...

Lovely pics.

It's a right of passage in our home to be chased by geese. We have a large pond out back that the geese get mighty territorial over.

You'll often see one of us running for our lives with an angry goose chasing behind us, while the others are rolling on the ground laughing.

Blogger Stimey said...

My husband likes to joke about the urban geese and how they're really scary. I took my oldest to feed pigeons and ducks at a lake in Oakland when he was a year and a half old. Talk about fearless urban birds. They landed on him. I'm pretty casual about things, but even I think that's taking it a little too far. Those birds needed to step off.

Blogger Jenn said...

Flipping amazing.

All of your creations.

Hope you're stocking up on picture frames.

I just LOVE this little man!

Precious pics!

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