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Edited: Well, it seems that the AP is reporting that John Edwards is dropping out of the race. So much for my steadfast loyalty. I still think that he's played an important role in this campaign. I know he says he won't be the vice-presidential nominee, but a girl can hope, right?

I know you want to know who I'm supporting now. I don't think I'm going to decide yet. Virginia's primary is a week after Super Tuesday, so I don't have to decide until then. I know which way I'm leaning, but I want to see where HRC and Obama's policies lead me.

One of the bloggers over at Chicago Mom's Blog drafted an open letter to the Democratic Presidential candidates. You can see it on all of the sister sites, including the D.C. Metro Moms Blog that I contribute to. Veronica's letter is a wonderful idea. Several of the D.C. Metro Moms have been trying to get through to the presidential candidates for awhile. We even started topic days on all the sister sites to increase awareness of the political motivations of parent bloggers.

To a certain extent, it worked a bit. We had a wonderful meeting/teleconference with Elizabeth Edwards. We had some feelers from Senator Dodd's campaign. The Obamas basically told us, "thanks but no thanks," and I don't think we ever even heard from the HRC camp or anyone else. As for the Republican candidates? Bubkus. (Granted, I could really care less, but I do understand that not every mom who blogs is a Democrat.)

The problem I have with Veronica's letter is that it ignores my candidate, John Edwards. People can say whatever they want about his campaign being essentially over, but he is still in the game. CNN can pull him from their polls, but that doesn't change the fact that John Edwards has been driving policy in the Democratic primaries.

Even if Senator Edwards doesn't have a chance at the nomination any more, he's staying in the race to hold the nominee's feet to the fire. To make sure that Senators Obama and Clinton don't kill each other in a toddler temper tantrum, to make sure they don't forget about poverty, and health insurance, and economic reform, and environmental policy, and all those other things that we care about.

So let's not leave John Edwards out because, based on past experience, he's the candidate most likely to listen to us. Edwards does still have a role in this election. If I didn't truly believe that, I wouldn't still be beating the John Edwards drum over at MOMocrats.

For all we've heard about the presidential candidates *cough*OBAMA*cough* being socially media savvy, moms who blog have been pretty much ignored, except by the Edwards campaign. While companies and PR people can't wait to market to us or hear what we think about the latest mop or kid video on the market, nobody besides Edwards seems to give a flying fart what we think about public policy.

And it's not that no one cares what bloggers think. Hop on over the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post. Oh, the politicians care. They just don't care unless they can directly see a result in terms of political support or money. It's not so clear cut with us, the mothers who blog about anything and everything. But make no mistake, we vote, we're well educated, and we talk and write about politics in a personal way. People read our blogs. Some people actually do care what we think.

So, here's what I say:

Take heed, politicians. The internet is viral. If one of our fellow mom bloggers can get thousands of women across the country heading to the gym in an attempt to replicate her Big O on the treadmill, just think what we could do for your ideas and your campaign.

Ignore us at your peril.


One Pissed Off Mommy Blogger


As usual, I have new photos up at Lawyer Mama Dabbles. Is anyone other than my mother even reading that site? Give a gal some love, would you? Mwah!

Edited to add: Nancy, babe. I added an O link just for you! I meant to link it, so thanks for reminding me.

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Blogger Moondance said...

Sing it, sister!

Blogger Nancy said...

Amen sistah!

umm, and that treadmill thing?

I must have been in the sauna when that came out ... I totally missed it!

Blogger slouching mom said...


This was AWESOME.

Especially your closing, LOL!

Blogger PunditMom said...

Edwards IS driving the policy discussion. I was on a phone call yesterday with an economics expert who told me that -- I swear, it was unsolicited! And, she said, that despite what the media say, Edwards is the most progressive candidate of the three.

Deep sigh.

Blogger Gwen said...

I do wish the Dems would get out of the sandbox already. Urgh!

In happier news, this treadmill O is intriguing .....

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Pardon my density, Steph... but what, exactly, ARE the "mom" issues? What are the candidates not talking about that moms (but, apparently, not dads) need to hear about?

It appears to me that the canidates in the Democratic race, and to some degre, the Republicans, too, are already talking about the issues that speak to the "mommyblogger" demographic (educated, middle class white women).

What am I missing?

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Well stated!

Gunfighter: how about education? NOT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!!! That is a swing vote issue for me.

I want a politician to stand up and say NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND IS UTTER SHIT, elect me and it will be gone within FIVE HOURS. Elect me and I will support ACTUAL REAL MONEY GOING TO SCHOOLS, not just EMPTY PROMISES OF MONEY. I want 98% of high school seniors to know where Guatemala is, among other more well-known countries.

Umm wow, sorry Steph, this is your blog. Will save rant for my own.

Based on numbers from conference last week politicians should stop ignoring us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to elect Julie. Five hours? One can only dream.

And the sad thing is, while I'd love for education to be on the table, it makes me nervous when politicians, who usually have no idea what "good education" looks like, begin sticking their two cents in at the fed. level. Even if their wives were former librarians and their children author books.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

GF - Actually, my hot topics aren't even really "mom" issues. That's the thing. We don't just want to talk about "mom" issues (whatever those may be). I tried to be careful to say parents and parent bloggers in my post because I don't think this is just a "mom" thing.

And it's not that politicians aren't addressing issues important to us. They are. We just want some access. We're not professional writers, no. We're not just political writers either and that seems to be the problem. There seems to be a perception that Mommy Bloggers are only interested in hearing about "mom" issues and we don't need to ask questions about anything else.

Well, that's utter crap. My top issues are health care and poverty. Two things that don't personally affect me or my demographic. But they're important to me and they'll determine who I vote for. I'd like to ask Senator Obama what he plans to do about the millions who will still remain uncovered under his plan.

We just want to be taken seriously. Individually, no, we parents don't hold much sway. But as a group, we're pretty damn powerful. I think politicians ignore that at their peril.

Blogger moosh in indy. said...

The O heard round the world that is.
You're damn right that WE hold an awful lot of power, moms or not.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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