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One of us is in trouble. The blogger behind Just Making It Up is a mother of two, Asher and Maya, and she's in the ICU in a medically induced coma. Apparently she has a perforated bowel, although I don't know any more details, and has a just better than 50/50 chance of surviving. I hope that's changed by now.

Mary from Them's My Sentiments cued me in on her blog and asked that we stop by Just Making It Up and leave supportive comments.

I know I don't even need to ask....

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Blogger flutter said...

how awful. I am on my way

Blogger jen said...

ditto. "one of us is in trouble"

that says so very much.

Anonymous c said...

Thanks for passing on the news. Just Making It Up is mother of three: Maya, 11; Asher, 9; and Boo, 5. She is a wonderful, loving, funny, caring and tremendously inspired writer. Our thoughts and prayers are needed to help her pull through. Life just isn't fair, sometimes.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Thanks for the correction, C. How could I have forgotten Boo!

Blogger Kyla said...

Oh, that's terrible.

On my way.

Blogger Mary G said...

Bless you, LM. I think the family is buoyed up by all of this quite a bit.
She's off the ventilator as of last night, but still not responding to the outside world.

Blogger Mary G said...

Just got an email from Just Making It Up's mother who went to look at her blog and found all the comments. She was so pleased! You and your readers rock -- you've really cheered her up. She says that with all these people rooting for her, JMIU has to get well.

Blogger The Dairy Wife said...

Will be heading over there and praying too.

I'm not sure about the 50/50 chance thingy ... but it is serious. Very serious. I worked ICU for over 15 years and more survived than didn't ... just a long hard road .. and a sick one.

I was septic once, when pregnant with my triplets ... and I can tell you first hand, she can use a lot of prayer.

Take Care,


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