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Pandora Update - Now With More Puking!
Warning! Warning! Graphic bodily fluid descriptions contained below! If you're squeamish, don't proceed any further!

If you've been reading my photography blog, then you already know that Hollis was sick last week. Well, then the virus felled Holden on Monday and Tuesday. He threw up spectacularly in the back of my car.

I can handle most bodily fluids. Pee, no problem. I'll help you aim next time. Poop, not a big deal. We can fling it. Vomit, umm..., I'll go find T. You see, I'm a sympathetic puker. Both of my parents, me and my brother all suffer from motion sickness. They can attest to the fact that I am a sympathetic puker. In graphic detail. It's not pretty. When I saw that "barforama" scene in the movie Stand By Me, I could really relate.

Tuesday evening around dinner time I started to feel a bit... off. By 8pm I was praying to the porcelain god. And I continued to do so every hour on the hour for the next 12 hours. I was like a little barfing cuckoo clock. I had to stagger downstairs at noon today because T desperately needed to go to work and our sitter has the plague too. (And I'm afraid my children gave it to her.)

At some point this afternoon I dragged myself over to my laptop and pushed "Publish" on a couple of blog posts. For the rest of the day, I've pretty much been moaning and whining on the couch. Thankfully, T came home for the dinner, bath, bed routine because if it were up to me both kids would have passed out on the living room floor. On the plus side, if I got the stomach flu more often I would have abs of steel. In my current couch potato shape, it just hurts to breath.

The worst part of all the puking? I missed my first photography class. If there was any way in hell I could have dragged my butt there, I would have. But I don't think the class would have been happy if I'd: (a) passed out during the class; (b) thrown up during the class; or (c) infected the entire class with the plague.

Anyway, that whole lovely prelude was to explain why I haven't yet posted a Pandora update and why my Hump Day Hmmm for the week is late. It will be a Friday Hmmm this week, I guess. I'm not brave enough to post it without editing.

Tuesday, the vet called to tell me that Pandy's levels aren't back down to where they should be. She's responding to treatment, but not enough. The goal is to get her to a point where she can be maintained at home with just weekly subcutaneous fluid treatments at the vet (or at home if we can figure it out).

Because Pandy is responding, we're not ready to give up on her yet. So she'll be at the vet's office until Saturday. If she hasn't gotten to where we need her by then, it's probably not going to happen. In the meantime, we're still in limbo. I can't thank all of you enough for your comments and emails. It's wonderful to hear about so many cats with CRF who lived to be disdainful another day.

On Tuesday afternoon, before I was brought down by the bubonic plague, I chopped up some of Pandy's favorite food - turkey - mixed with a little low sodium chicken broth, and Hollis and I went to the animal hospital to visit Pandy. I'm really glad I took Hollis because he was so excited to see Pandy and I think now he understands why she can't come home yet.

I took some pictures, just in case.

You can see she was elated to see us. {/sarcasm}
It didn't matter, Hollis was thrilled.

She didn't move from the Meatloaf Position while we were there,
but she did at least smell her food.

Hollis kisses Pandy.

Come on, Pandy. We're all pulling for you.
And try not to get too spoiled. Don't listen to those vet techs. We love you more than they do!

And for your viewing pleasure:

Launch in external player

Doesn't that make you feel like having some cottage cheese? OK, I shouldn't have written that. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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Anonymous Nancy said...

We're rooting for you, Pandy!

And for you, of course, LM. Hope you feel better ASAP.

Blogger deam said...

Come on Pandy!

Here is hoping the week turns around!

Blogger slouching mom said...

Aww. I hope Pandy gets through this.

And you, LM! What a week! Hate the vomiting.

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm so glad I can't view that video. Can't see it for some reason but not all that upset about it.

I'm routing for Pandy! I'm so glad you're not giving up on her.

Blogger andrea_frets said...

I'm pulling for Pandy! And being a sympathetic puker myself, I am feeling a little gaggy after that video. Yikes!

Anonymous Redneck Mommy said...

Fingers are still crossed for Pandy. I hope she makes it.

And I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with the puking posts today?!

And I love that you brought Pandy dinner.

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

G had a bout of the plauge recently, but the rest of us were lucky enough to avoid it.

I'll be thinking of Pandy, and hoping that she pulls through.

Blogger Michele said...

I'm so sorry you guys have been so sick. Pandy is probably glad she is on "vacation" and not having to witness all the projectile stuff going on at home. Here's hoping you all feel much better very soon.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Michele - I hadn't thought about it, but I'd love to switch places with Pandy. If I can get past the small cage, the pampering and the IV would be great about right now.

Blogger flutter said...

come ON Pandy baby!

Blogger Gwen said...

Oh, ick, I hate the stomach flu. Even once the puking stops, my stomach hurts for days afterwards. Sorry you had to suffer through it!

Blogger Jenn said...

Oh please, Pandy, please....

Blogger Queeny said...

May your plague be lifted soon ... and a pox on the saint of sickness. Ptui, ptui, ptui.

Take care.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Rooting for Pandy. (HUGS)

And health wishes to you, too.

Blogger newnorth said...

i hope Pandy gets to come home soon. And you manage to beat the plague :)

Blogger Jen M. said...

Come on Pandy!!!!!!!!

I really feel for you with the vomit aversion.

I'll take any other body fluid any day.

Blogger Stimey said...

Oh, Pandy and Hollis. So sweet.

I hope you feel better soon!

Blogger Staci Schoff said...

I have a friend who sympathetically vomits too. I thought she was just weird, but look -- there's more of you! ;)

Hope you are better and Pandy can come home.

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