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Bad Influence
Last week Hollis's teacher gave us some homework. That's right. Homework. For the parents. (Apparently doing Hollis's homework for him late at night was just the beginning.)

We had to cut out 6 pictures of foods that Hollis likes, as well as 6 to 10 items that we also purchase regularly. They're learning food names in Spanish and this was for a project they're doing. Since Hollis can't really man grown up scissors yet, I can see why we needed to do this. But they clearly don't know who they're dealing with here.

T ended up cutting out the foods because I did the lion's share of the feather in the last homework assignment. T cut out some pancakes, broccoli (I think that was wishful thinking on his part), cheese, milk, you know, the usual toddler stuff. Then he just randomly cut out a bunch of other foods we eat. None were all that notable except for the picture of the wine.

Well, they did say it was supposed to be items we purchase regularly. We just interpreted "food" a little more loosely than most. Hey, it's made from grapes!

I'll let you know if the nice people at Hollis's church school decide to let this one slide.

How on earth could I have forgotten to put in a Wil Wheaton plug? This is Day 3 of my campaign to get Wil to comment. Help a sister out, would you?

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Blogger jen said...

wine should always be on the menu.

Blogger flutter said...

what jen said!

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

You know -- most kindergarten teachers are drunk most of the time, anyway. So they are hardly likely to judge.

Blogger blooming desertpea said...

Homework - as if you had not enough to do already - lol. I wish kindergarten teacher had kids themselves, they would stop asking you for things to do for them ... :)

Blogger Nancy said...

Grrrr, I know "cutting out pics" isn't difficult, but that just reminded me how much I hated the volumes of homework my kids always had.

Each teacher acted if they were the only one passing it out, so an hour of it meant nothing to them ... until you multiplied it by 6 classes.

Indeed, wine is a staple when kids are in school =)

Anonymous Emily R said...

Me gusta el vino.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Hey, if I taught kindergarten, my larder would be well stocked with wine!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Errr, come to think of it, I don't teach kindergarten and my larder is well stocked with wine...and beer...and vodka!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

HA HA HA that was me and Jon last Thursday night: putting together the food and label book for Persistence.

If we included a photo of vino, there'd be veritas ramifications; P would say, "Dat's MOMMY JUICEY!"

Using My Words

Look.....you don't ask a question if you don't want an honest answer!

If this woman has kids....she should understand...as parenthood drives a person to drink! :)

Blogger Gwen said...

That picture is eleventy kinds of awesome!

Anonymous Wright said...

Hey - Jesus was all about the wine. I think the church school should be okay with it. Now the beer on the other hand . . .

Anonymous Maddy said...

They say it helps with longevity, so it's worth a chance.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

Your edit reminded me...went to Wil's blog and posted a plea on your behalf. Hope it helps!

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