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And the Academy Award Goes to....
Oh, yeah, sorry. I was in my little Jennifer Hudson Oscar fantasy there for a moment. I've snapped out of it. But I have recently been awarded something I just don't quite think I'm worthy of. Pundit Mom was kind enough to bestow the Thinking Bloggers Award upon little old Lawyer Mama.

Pundit Mom is one of the bloggers I've been religiously reading since the very beginning of my little blog obsession. Her blog is a nice mix of politics, current events, mom stuff, and women's issues that has always has me thinking. So, I'm even more honored to know that I make her think as well.

All the intensity surrounding moms and why we blog over the last week has led to some great exchanges on several blogs. I've been awed by the wonderful people in this little, OK, HUGE, blog lovin' community we have here. And to make things even neater, I met a real live blogger this week! That's right, CPA Mom and I met up for lunch and a chat. She was just as nice and funny as she is on her blog and she even brought some clothes her Tigger has outgrown for H&H. How sweet is that? All of this bloggy lovin' has made it even more difficult for me to narrow it down to just five bloggers who make me think. So, in the end, I ignored whether any of these bloggers had received this award already and just went with my gut. (Of course, if you've already received one, I'm not going to make you nominate anyone else!) And the winners are....

Mom, Ma'am, Me
Mom 101
Pundit Mom
Bub and Pie
i obsess

You all rock.

Just be sure to pass the award on to 5 bloggers who really make you think and link back to the original Thinking Blogger post.



Blogger PunditMom said...

Wow! Thanks for the bounce back award! I agree with the other choices -- they are amazing bloggers!

One of these days we have to find a place to meet!

Blogger bubandpie said...

Hurray! I'm in some very distinguished company here.

Anonymous Nancy said...

Thank you! I am so honored, and pleased to be in such excellent company -- I am familiar with all the other 4 bloggers and they are all excellent. I will definitely nominate 5 bloggers this weekend.

Also, I think we should meet up in person some time. I used to live in Hampton Roads and we sometimes get down there ourselves. (Maybe I can travel with PunditMom and you can bring CPA Mom!)

Blogger CPA Mom said...

Wow that was nice! I've been OBSESSING, yes obsessing, over our lunch. Think too much? Yes, that's me.

We should all meet up in DC for a weekend. I would LOVE to meet Nancy and Pundit Mom.

Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Great choices!

(and, WOW! Thanks for the link!!)

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

CPA Mom - LOL! I shouldn't laugh, b/c that's me as well: "Did she like me? T, do you think she liked me? I really hope she liked me."

And I am definitely up for a meet up with everyone here or in D.C. I get up there every couple of months too. Of course, we could all try to meet centrally in Richmond or something.

Blogger Mom101 said...

Gee, thank you! Who knew? I just clicked over here on a whim and...look! My name!

Very flattered to be thought of as thinking by a fellow thinker.

Blogger JudesMommy said...

Lawyer Mama! Late, late last night I typed out a somewhat articulate comment on how apt your description of the "Before you have kids everyone tells you how much your life will change, blah, blah, blah, blah" scenario truly is. Alas, as in all dealings with this thing called internet...somehow I made it go *poof* through what I'm sure was major user error. That or way too much of that potent French Kiss liquor! (Don't take me on a playdate!)

Since I've forgotten completely what I said, I'll paraphrase. You're right, a non-mommy can never know the levels of existence possible on this planet that a mommy is smacked in the face with. Explaining it is impossible to the initiated such as "Me". I remember vaguely thinking a bit like "Me" Pre-Jude. Now I look back and laugh at myself. Of course, having been humbled by motherhood I laugh a LOT more at myself these days. The difference is that now I laugh with understanding.

Keep up the great blogging. Between you, PunditMom and Mom, Ma'am, Me...as well as many others...you all keep me as close to sane as a mom can be!

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

You definetely deserve this recognition. What a great circle of bloggy godness. I"m going to have to check out all of your nominees.....

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Well deserved, LM!

Blogger Amy W said...

Yes, well deserved, congrats!

Blogger lildb said...

of *course* your thinker is award-worthy. also, dare I say, you have a sexy brain?

and then you go and put me into that genius stew you listed. um, hi. have you read my blog, LM? 'cause I really don't deserve to be amongst that star-studded list.

but I really dig that you like me enough to ply me with your sweet, sweet lies that I eat like delicious, addictive candies.


Anonymous Nancy said...

Hey, I finally posted my list! :-)

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