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Happy Groundhog Day
Have I mentioned that I have a groundhog? Nope? Well, actually we have two. They came with the house. Of course, the former occupants failed to mention that they had two furry little hole digging rodents in the back yard when we purchased the house, but that's for another post. T would like to "relocate" the little critters. I haven't let him do it because I kind of like the idea of having my very own Punxsutawney Phil and Phillipa in the backyard.

So yes, we have two groundhogs and because today is Groundhog Day, I thought I should report on their movements. Or lack of movements. It's damn cold here today so I doubt they're coming out of their cozy little underground den. But if they do, it's nice and cloudy here today so there will be no groundhog shadow spotting. I guess that means an early Spring! And if the sun does come out unexpectedly, I promise to go cover the groundhogs' exit holes with very large rocks.

*Yes, this is a picture of one of the little varmints. He's lounging by the pool.



Blogger CPA Mom said...

I would never have taken his picture. I would have been screaming for HP to kill him and run away like the girl I am.

Blogger Donna said...

Very cool you have your own little groundhogs! My groundhog didn't see his shadow here, but I'm not sure that counts anyway.

Blogger ewe are here said...

Kind of a cute little guy.

Much 'cooler' than the annoying gophers we used to get when I was growin gup - they'd dig extensive tunnels all over the yard.

Blogger PunditMom said...

He's so CUTE!

At least he has good taste! No low-rent housing for this rodent! I think it would be all well and fine until I stumbled across him, late one night! I had an unfortunate run-in with a possum as a child, and I am still scarred!

Blogger ExPatSW said...

'Phil and Phillipa in the backyard' could very well bring little Phillies soon! Might wanna rethink your position on relocating the dears....

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

I know, we've pondered the dilemma of having the pitter patter of dozens of not-so-little rodent feet. But, alas, Phil & Philippa seem to be barren - at least over the last 2 years. Hell, for all we know it could be Phil & Phil. I haven't gotten close enough to check!

Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

We had a groundhog family in our backyard last summer, until our Farmer McGregor neighbour chased them away (they were eating his garden.)

Blogger Shannon said...

Just dropped by to check out your blog after seeing your comments on PunditMom. Love the Groudhog post and the new digs. I'll definitely be back.

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