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Where Can I Buy a Used Stripper Pole?
So I signed up for this nifty little service called Google Analytics. It tells me all sorts of interesting things about the people who visit my site and how often they do it. For instance, I now know that I have two readers in Europe, a reader in the Philippines and one in Mexico. I can now change my name to International Lawyer Mama.

The part of this service that I find so intriguing, tells me the top 5 keyword searches that directed people to my site in the various search engines:
  1. I was mildly surprised to find that "lawyer mama" topped the list, but I guess that can be people who were looking for me and forgot to bookmark my site or people looking for Mr. Mama, a fictional lawyer. (Do people really fall for this shit?)
  2. One intrepid individual found my site by Googling the word "breastfeeding." Now, I just tried that and I got 15,500,000 hits. I browsed through the first 10 pages of hits and didn't see my site, so that woman (I'm assuming here) is a really dedicated reader of breastfeeding information!
  3. Someone else used the search "being a mother is.....you can't move for building blocks, playdoh." Okey dokey. Hope she found what she was looking for.
  4. And finally, someone stumbled across my blog by searching for "mama la pinga." I have no idea what that means. It sounds like a Mexican porn star. I'll have to write more about Pingu and Pinga and see if I can up my porn ranking.

Now on that note, I'm off to grease my pole. (Insert bad 70's music here.)



Blogger Kristin said...

Wow...that is very interesting. I signed up as well..and hope I did it right! We'll see. I'm actually kind of afraid to find out who visits this page! Pretty cool thing though!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one nifty little tool! I am using it now for my stuff, too. THX!

Anonymous Peyton said...

Typepad has similar services, and that's how I found out (with my old blog) that somehow, when you typed "baby" into Google Pictures, my daughter's picture with a link to my blog was within the first 5 pages or so of hits. Which would explain why I was getting hundreds of hits a day, and 2 comments. :-)

Blogger PunditMom said...

Lawyer Mama, Thanks for the tip on the Google feature! I have a different site meter, and I always find it interesting to see who is visiting from where and how they got there.

Good luck with the pole thing! :O I imagine that's on tape for your "free time" this weekend!

Blogger Jennifer said...

I love the idea of the stats ... how cool of you to share with us!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"mama la pinga" means "suck my dick"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, because of your analytics I now know what 'mama la pinga' means. Life will never be the same. How mama translates to suck is being me though.

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