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The Boys - With My New Toy
I promise I'll have a substantive post up tomorrow, as well as a new review. But, since I promised to put some pictures of the boys up taken with the new toy, I'll delay substance a day. If you'd like to check out my post a day early, head over to the DC Metro Moms Blog later today.

As promised, I have photos of the boys taken with the new Nikon D40x. It was evening, so I had to use the flash for all but one. Well, I tried a few others, but only one wasn't incredibly blurry. I'll have to try again with a tripod sometime when the boys will actually sit still.

Holden's foot. The only photo here taken with no flash.

Holden in profile.

Holden's profile again.

Hollis's eye. I also have about 50 photos of him blinking.

Holden's eyelash. Why are the beautiful lashes always on little boys?

Who said brown eyes are boring?

I have some other non-H&H photos up on Lawyer Mama Dabbles.

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Blogger S said...

his eyes are almost amber!

nice shots, LM!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I sure never said brown eyes are boring, I promise you that.

Blogger flutter said...

oooooooh those EYELASHES

Blogger joker the lurcher said...

these are SUPERB shots! (and this is from someone who is more allergic to capital letters than ee cummings)

what an incredible sharp focus! and beautiful composition. look forward to more of your pics!

Blogger Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures- boys are so fascinating. They're so soft and perfect when they're little, and then they get all gruff and rough when they grow up- it's a weird mystery!
I LOVE the chipmunk cheeks in the last photo...the future Grandma in me wants to pinch them!

Blogger KC said...

Those are just beautiful shots - and he is adorable. I really need to get my camera out more.

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