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Does This Mean We Have a Problem?
I have a serious addiction. It's a common one that thankfully has not yet been vilified by the public.

I'm addicted to caffeine.

I'm pretty sure there will be no intervention forthcoming because (a) my husband is even more of an addict than I am and (b) I seriously doubt he could find two friends and family members who aren't also seriously addicted.

My little "problem" has been on my mind lately after coming to the realization that our 2 year old knows the location of every Starbucks in a 10 mile radius from our home and will throw the mother of all fits if we don't stop. Of course, that alone wasn't *quite* enough to drive the problem home. Then, on Saturday morning, T and I were enjoying our cups of coffee from Starbucks - because it's soooo much easier to load 2 kids in the car and drive 4 miles to the drive-through Starbucks than it is to load up our own coffee machine and wait 5 minutes. Anywho, my 14 month old was sitting in his high chair drinking his milk when he screeched to get my attention, patiently waited for me to turn, handed me his sippy cup, pointed at my Starbucks cup and said "coffee" as clear as can be. (He was quite annoyed that I wouldn't give it to him, seeing as how his milk in his favorite fish sippy cup was quite the fair trade.) I think I'm in serious danger of having children who demand a nice dark espresso roast be packed in their Blues Clues thermoses for pre-school.

I may have to quit the habit.



Blogger Bea said...

I knew a family once who would add a tiny bit of coffee to their toddler's sippy cup of milk - just enough to give it a bit of colour and flavour, and the baby loved it. Hehe.

Blogger OhTheJoys said...

You are not alone. I am right there with you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

as addictions go, it's fairly innocuous (sp?) ... isn't it? *hopeful whimper as she drains her industrial sized mug of java*

(btw there's no way i'd shuffle out of the blogosphere altogether without doing your meme ... which i haven't forgotten, only had to delay for logistical reasons)

Blogger Heather Hartwig said...

I see nothing wrong with that. Of course you do get major props for having the energy to bundle the family up and trek to Starbucks in the morning. We need to drink an entire pot of coffee at home (between my DH and I) before we are able to function. Leaving the house would require showering wouldn't it? Or perhaps with the drive-thru you can get away with less personal hygiene...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the first words out of my son's mouth was 'coffee'.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Shower? Baaaahaaaaa! I have been known to hit the Starbucks drive through in my jammies.

B&P - My mom used to do make me cafe au lait, heavy on the au lait, when I was little as well. Maybe that's where the whole problem started.... LOL

Blogger PunditMom said...

I LOVES me the drive-through Starbucks! Just remember -- when the boys get to the age where they aren't napping at home but still CAN nap in the car, a little drive with a stop at the Starbucks drive-through is the best way to keep mommy sane.

Mr. PunditMom asked me one time if it wasn't sort of expensive to spend the money on gas to drive 15 miles to the Starbucks drive-through just to provide R. with a nap. I said, Babe, that's the best money we spend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd bet that coffee probably wouldn't be as bad for the kiddos as cola.

Especially a light cafe au lait.

I'd also suggest teas. I can make a "Green tea au lait" which is much, much better than the Fourbucks' green tea latte. And a lot of teas have good stuff for your body!

Blogger Amy W said...

My oldest knows we go to Target and get Starbucks. All at the same time. Good times!

I too am addicted...I totally had a caffeine headache yesterday from not drinking enough...

Blogger CPA Mom said...

Totally with you on this addiction lady. I have two cups at home, which Eeyore likes to sip on. She gets three sips (one if she does her inhaler, one if she sits still while I do her hair and one if she puts her shoes on without fussing). She loves her KAH - FEE! I figure she gets more caffeine from her chocolate milk.

We also put a tablespoon or so in a glass of milk which she loves.

Back to me (it's all about ME) - we have an espresso maker at work now so we (three of us) can get our addiction in without having to make our twice-daily Starbucks run now. We take turns buying the Starbucks beans, and milk and syrups. Sad really but what do you want from some overworked, tired, CPAs? Tehehehehehehe

Blogger S said...

I am a caffeine JUNKIE. We just got a Starbucks drive-through in our small town, and I am giddy with excitement. I bribe the boys with a package of Starbuck's madeleine cookies, because it's the only way I can convince them to get in the car when I crave my venti extra-shot vanilla nonfat latte.

I am so addicted, not only to coffee but to Starbucks, that my best friend has bought me Starbucks gift cards for my last two birthdays. She worries that it's a boring gift, but I say bring it on, baby!

Blogger Jane said...

If you want, switch to tea. It's better for you, comes in a variety of flavors, and is easier to make at home than a good espresso. That's what I did.

Blogger Binky said...

It is the nectar of the gods. And don't let anyone convince you there's anything wrong with drinking it :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, full-blown caffeine addict here. So much so that my son, Jude, once asked me:

"Mommy, can I have a Foffee Crappaccino too?"

He's not the only kid who begs for Starbucks. The other two ask for it,too, if only for the chocolate milk fix.

Blogger ExPatSW said...

LM, as you are aware, addiction is a family trait.

Hi, my name is P. and I'm an addict.

Blogger Dakota said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I'm so happy to know my short attention span shouldn't hinder my career too much! I saw this posting of yours and HAD to let you know that you are not alone. My partner has similar stories about our 2 and almost 5-year-old. The two-year-old has been happily tasting the last few sips of our coffee for longer than we care to admit and has eery coffee-detection skills. After bestowing a kiss upon the parent-of-the-moment, she will often follow it with..."Mmmmmm, coffee!" The older one has begun manipulating my partner into trips to Starbucks; "Mom, doesn't a nice warm coffee sound good right now? (pause) I think I'd like a cookie, too." Well, there are worse drugs!

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