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We're always making plans for the future, aren't we?

Tomorrow I'll start organizing the closets.

Tomorrow I'll start my diet.

Tomorrow I'll stick to my budget.

Tomorrow I'll get out of bed.

For some perspective, I'll remember that Why Mommy's Tomorrow truly is a new beginning. Tomorrow is her long awaited surgery and, hopefully, the beginning of her long life without cancer.

Go wish her luck, won't you? And think of her tomorrow.

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I will certainly pray for her as she starts her journey towards recovery!

Blogger flutter said...

thinking of her now, and tomorrow

Blogger Mamma said...

I love your perspective on this.

With that smile of her's she'll knock that cancer on its ass!

Blogger canape said...

You are so right. Thank you.

Blogger slouching mom said...

will do. and thank you.

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