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It's Not Over Folks....
Check out this video from the John Edwards web site.

See more discussion about John Edwards and media bias at MOMocrats.


Pandy is coming home tomorrow!

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Blogger Julie Pippert said...

That? Is why I don't watch media commentary or recap and only watch the straight debates (which have their own flaws). BLECH

I must rail on Romney and Larry King.

Blogger Busy Momma said...

I'm so happy Pandy is coming home! she's doing better then?

Blogger Brillig said...

What about John indeed! I've had a good laugh, because I swear I've seen every one of the clips in this vid, and I keep wondering, "um, isn't there a THIRD candidate in this too-close-to-call race?" It's insane, the way the media has completely ignored him!

And yay about Pandy!

Anonymous Redneck Mommy said...

Go Pandy Go!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I want Edwards to win, just for you. Seriously. Your high regard for him increases my esteem for the man. I'm glad you use this forum to politick -- maybe I'll follow your lead next time Canada goes to the polls.

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