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I Just ... Can't.
I've been absent from the Blogosphere lately. I've been absent from a lot of things, including my life.

I'm living in my head and trying to figure out who I am and where I want to go. Who I want to be.

Life seems so overwhelming right now.

I'd like to write about it, to write through it.

But I just can't.

It's not that I don't have the words, I do. I have too many words actually. S0 many thoughts are jumbled in my head right now that I can't sleep.

I'm organizing my life in a futile attempt to organize my head. We'll see if it works, but I promise I'll be back as soon as I can. I mean really be back.

In the meantime, I may just post fluff and pictures of my kids.

Oy. I'm too young to be having a midlife crisis.

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Blogger PunditMom said...

Hang in there, LM. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I know the sense that the whole bloggy thing can be an interference with real life, but also a way to deal with it. Where to find the balance?


Blogger newnorth said...

Buy a corvette!!! that always helps, right? :p

good luck with getting everything organized.

Blogger Nancy said...

Nothing wrong with a little fluff and pictures to allow time for the cocoons to turn into butterflies.

Blogger Sunshine said...

I totally hear you. I have a few things that are so heavy and overwhelming, I'd like to unload and I totally can't.
I get you, Mama, you know it.

Blogger jen said...

oh honey. i know. i really, really know.

am here, offline as well, if you need an ear.

Blogger flutter said...

when and if you can, babe.

Blogger Mom101 said...

Hang in there S. Leave the blog and live the life if that's what you gotta do.

Blogger DD said...

Oh, man. I've been there so many times, my blog has built up a callous.

Sometimes it's the "fluff" pieces that help. Pictures of your children and people who love to see them can add the pep we may have been missing.

That or wait for the Ritalin to kick in...((smooches))

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BUT YOU'RE A LAWYER! What do you mean you don't have things all figured out? You're my role model damnit.

Hey, maybe you could be a model? Because you look awesome in photographs. Well, you probably also look great in real life, BUT in photos you look awesome with great skin and fantastic hair and always very poised.

I'm kind of regretting committing to NaBloPoMo marathon. I'm just not feeling the blog love. I've been thinking about NaBloPoMo for a whole year, and I just don't know if I'll stick around blogging for a whole OTHER year in order to give it another go. So it's now or never I suppose.

Take some time. Get your stuff together. We'll be around.

Blogger Joker The Lurcher said...

i can so get this! i'm signed off work with stress (i'm a lawyer too) so its not that i don't have time. but my head is full of goo... it will pass - we will be patient and look forward to when you get back to it! hugs

It is 4:15 and I just finished a rambling post about how I can't sleep and other nonsense...I wanted to post about other things...but, like you, I just can't!

I hope it gets better soon!

I agree with PM...it is SO hard to find a balance!

I feel your pain...and I am strongly considering rejoining the nation!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

A BIG (HUG) of understanding. And a reminder...I can get the eff over myself and use IM and the telephone, if you need.

You KNOW I'll get it.

After all, who coined the phrase "Adult Developmental Leap" beginning at age 35?

And blogosphere, eh, I only noticed your absence and was on the way to contacting you because I cared, not because I expected.

Using My Words

Blogger Christine said...

it's ok. we get it. take care of you. we'll be here when you are ready.


Anonymous Nancy said...

I hear you. I'm taking a blog break myself. Hope it will be good for the soul.

We, your adoring fans and friends, are here if there's anything you need.


Blogger Gwen said...

I feel you, sister. There's something about blogging that creates these periods of searching and ennui, I think. I see it everywhere, all the time, in the blogiverse, but in real life, not so much. I don't know if that's a good thing, the way blogging requires these soul searches. It's got to be a balance, like someone (damn! why can't I remember her name?) said above. I do think the feeling that we need to apologize for not being around the blog has got to stop, though. Write what you want, when you want, and let the rest go. So spaketh Gwen. :)

Blogger jessabean said...

Take your time, find some peace. We'll still be here. Hope you find what you need.

(And definitely hope to see you up here in November!)

Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Take your time, sweet pea.

Anonymous Molly B. said...

I vote like alpha dogma: more pictures, 'cause you look fantabulicious. And put more ads up, then spend the money on getting pampered.

Not trying to make light, just don't have any answers, hard or easy.

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

You're never too young to have a midlife crisis. Come up here and we'll be an alpaca farm together.

Until then, take care of you.

Anonymous Julie said...

I am a firm believer in the quarter life crisis (or maybe the third life crisis, by which i do not mean the life crisis that comes after the second one but the one that comes about one third of the way into your life.

I think we need these crisis -- we need to periodically step back and take stock of our lives, examine who we've become while we weren't paying attention.

Plus how else would all the Harley Davidson and Porsche dealers stay in business?

Hang in there and hurry back. : )

Blogger Jenn said...

Many thoughts of you from over this way.

I've decided mid-life crises are just too limited, so go ahead and have as many as you'd like, just please, do not buy a sports car and a gold chain.

Fluff is good. Have you never had Fluffernutter?

Best wishes and hoping for the sun for you.

Anonymous Jenny said...

I feel you, sweets.

Take your time. We'll be here for you when you need us.

And you can always email me if you want to talk.


Blogger slouching mom said...

S., I understand, a little, I think. I too have been feeling totally overwhelmed. You've already had such lovely offers, but feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk.


i'm sorry. take all the time you need. i'll be thinking of you.

Blogger Mary Alice said...

I think many of us go through a period of deep introspection and life reassessment when our kids are toddlers. First there is the whole college and career thing that you work toward. Then the build up to marriage. Then the build up to having a baby. Then the constant care an infant requires and then we emerge from that with a thud and think, okay who the hell am I now...and how do my needs fit in with the obligations of parenthood? Finding a new balance is a process. You'll find it. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Blogger Queeny said...

I can relate. Right now I've got issues up the wazoo, but it's my blog that's keeping me sane. Look forward to your return to normalcy, whatever that is.

Blogger Jozet said...

I think it's healthy to have a midlife crisis every four or five years starting at about age 25. Just a little one. Or a medium sized one. That way, when you're really midlife, the crisis will be entirely manageable and you won't spend a lot of money unecessarily on a red hot rod.

Feel better.

Post more lovely pictures of that beautiful baby.

Blogger Jen M. said...

I'll be here, fluff, pith and deep stuff.

Take your time. But make sure you're wearing that great shirt in all the pics ;)

Blogger WizCoder said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger lildb said...

you know, I really get it, S. lmk if you just feel like unloading about it all. I'm in debt to the universe for my unloading. you just tell lildb all about it.

or, you know, I'll take adorable pictures of your kids if that's all ya got.

either way.


Blogger Mad Hatter said...

Hey Babe,
Give us what you can when you can and take care of yourself in the process. I come close to deleting my blog once every couple of months. On alternate months I come close to screaming out inappropriately with my words. In between times I post pictures and tell silly stories. It all combines to show who I am. I kinda like who you are so I'll keep poppin' back to see who you are showing me today.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies. (And gentlemen).

Although, Mr. Commenter who got deleted, I don't like people posting links to legal "help" websites. If you'd like me to look at it and review it for you, feel free to email me.

Anonymous Emily said...

I thought you were an over-achiever. You can have 2 midlife crises, you know... One for now, one for later.

I like fluff. I like heavy. Write what you want -- you can't ditch me.

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

I'm so glad someone is having these same feelings at the same time I am. I've been having my own mid-life crisis here, then questioning if it's possible to have a mid-life crisis as well.

I'm working on deciding my career and life goals as well. For me, I think it means more college, which of course, brings it's own set of complications. We'll see.

I'm sure you'll find your answers, You're a smart, beautiful and capeable person. Just remember, it's about what makes you happy. Money, and peers are no measure of your sucess. That's what I keep telling myself anyways. lol

Blogger Busy Momma said...

As far as I'm concerned, no one is too young for a "midlife" crisis. With a husband, kids, a career...it's easy to lose yourself. Focus on you, as the saying goes "If momma's not happy, no one is!" Lots of love to you

Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

Yeeeaaaah. I'm having that same time. I'll be here when you get back. Clean out your den ... it helps! :)

Anonymous Selfmademom said...

We have all been there (are there). Honestly, it's hard to keep up with working, blogging, family... Just do what you feel comfortable with. It will all work out! Good luck.

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