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Missing My T
Every day there are a thousand little things I take for granted:

You take out the trash.
You change the cat litter.
You feed the cats.
You do the dishes.
You vacuum. When you can pry it away from Hollis.

You do laundry, and not just your own.

You feed the boys dinner.
You give the boys their bath.

You mow the lawn.
You clean the pool.
You make sure my car is inspected and oil changed.
You fix my flat tires.

You rescue me when I run out of gas. (She sheepishly says.)

You kiss me goodbye every morning and goodnight every evening before we fall asleep.

You call me every morning to hear about the boys' morning and daycare drop.
You call me every afternoon when you pick them up to tell me about the day.
If I call you at the last minute and ask you to pick up or drop off the boys, you always do it if you can, no questions asked.

You call me during the day just to say,"hi," or, "I love you."
When you ask about my day you actually listen to my answer. Unless I start babbling on about contract provisions and then I totally understand why you tune out. I'd tune me out too.

You are my calm in the storm.

You give our boys confidence and security.
You teach them to run, and leap, and hop.
You hold them when they trip, stumble or fall.

You flip Holden upside down.
You play Ring Around the Rosie.
You build sand forts and lego castles.

You help Hollis scare away the thunder.

You help me scare away the thunder.

You don't see the extra pounds I've gained since we started our family.
But you always notice when I lose weight.

You know what I'm thinking without even having to ask.
You love that I'm sarcastic and snarky and you tell me so all the time.

You think I'm funny.

You love what I write.
You love that I write.

You get me. You really, really get me.

We miss you.
I miss you.
We'll see you soon, Daddy.

Please go over and check out Julie's Hump Day Hmmm topic for this week. It promises to be a good one. Hopefully Julie will forgive me for posting this instead. It just had to come out.



Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Of COURSE I Understand and OH MY I am just bleeding from the heart for you.

LM, this was beautifully moving.


You know, in a way...our family is our first neighborhood, isn't it?


So of course I want to send this to my husband to prove that some hubbys DO listen!

Good thing he's cute, or he'd really be in trouble with me :)

Blogger slouching mom said...

WOW, LM. You got one of the good ones, didn't you.

So beautiful a tribute.

Blogger Joy, of course said...

Oh, big sigh, what a wonderful, moving tribute to the love of your life. I'd miss him too.

Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Aw, he's going to love this.

Blogger Lady Liberal said...

*sniff* all right... enough of making me weepy mid workday! :)
What a sweet tribute to a great man/husband/father!
I am so glad you have him! And I am so glad I've got one too! :)
Just think what great husbands and fathers your boys will be in part because of his example....

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Thanks, ladies. Now if he would just wake up and read the damn thing! I mean, c'mon it's already 4:30 am in Korea. Get with it T, you slacker.

Blogger flutter said...


that picture just about killed me, those eyes!

He sounds divine.

Blogger Heather said...

That is so sweet!

Anonymous Emily said...

That was a great post. My husband travels about 80% of the time, and it was nice for someone to put into words my sentiments on the matter...

We conceived our second child at 2 AM because his flight had been delayed and I was ovulating. TMI?

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Flutter, I am mush when I see those eyes.

Emily - I will have to share the story of Hollis's conception some time. Very similar... LOL!

Blogger KC said...

Um, hello? Serious keeper. When they change the cat litter (and not just during preggers), you know.

Blogger QT said...

You got a gooder! This was sweet.

Blogger jen said...

oh honey. i so love your love. it makes everything feel cozier somehow.

Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

What a moving love letter. You got a keeper. Hang on for dear life. I know I do.


Blogger painted maypole said...

do you think your husband is crying as he reads this... far away from you. I'm going to guess that he is (he just seems like he might)

very sweet

Anonymous PT-LawMom said...

Aw, so sweet!! :)

Blogger Julie said...

I was working on a post full of things I'm grateful for today, and your post just got added to the list. Thanks.

Blogger Christine said...

this was so so sweet!

hope he travels safe and comes home soon.

Blogger Sarcasta-Mom said...

Touching and beautiful. :) I'm going to hug my DH extra hard tonight....

What a wonderfully sweet post! This reminds me of the post I did for Mr. Mayhem on our 10th anniversary!

I love this....sounds like you are a lucky woman! Of course...he didn't do too bad himself! :)

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

You are so gettin' some when you come home.

Anonymous mcewen said...

Sometimes it seems like forever.
Best wishes

Blogger NotSoSage said...

I love the kind of love that makes everyone else feel happy for you (as evidenced by the above). He's a lucky man. You're a lucky woman.

Blogger Bon said...

wow, i think i miss him now too.


this was beautiful, and oh, that puppy dog boy...

Anonymous andi said...

He sounds amazing. No wonder you miss him.

Blogger Jen M. said...

Geeze, that was nice. You've got an awesome man, there, lady.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Bummer, LM

Blogger Jenn said...

Possibly because it's 3:30, possibly because I'm an emotional wreck of late, possibly because insomnia shouldn't be mixed with an active internet connection, but most likely because your words were so beautiful and eloquent is why I'm crying right now.

Blogger Snoskred said...

When you get a good one, you should superglue yourself to him. :) That way he can't go places without you. The Other Half knows I want to do this, thus he hides all the superglue away from me. It's probably safer. I might end up stuck to household items - or the actual glue container!

(who has a large fear of superglue for some unknown reason)

Blogger Gwen said...

Next, you can post a list of all the little ways he annoys you, just so you don't have 30+ women trying to steal him off you. :)

Blogger T with Honey said...

How many husbands are traveling away from home this week? I think there are at least 5 other bloggers that are running one man down right now.

Blogger Jenny said...

I so understand. My hubs is back after 5 weeks in Hong Kong. The good part of the men leaving for so long is that when they return, its like the Honeymood Phase all over again. All sorts of swoony wonderfulness.


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