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Do Caretakers Receive Disparate Treatment?
I'm guest blogging over at Pundit Mom's today. Come on over and read my post about being a parent and a professional:

Do Caretakers Receive Disparate Treatment?

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Blogger jen said...

dude, that post was money. you were such a lawyer in that post and i loved it. your articulation and crafting of the argument. i loved it.

Anonymous dana said...

I'm on my way over!

Blogger Jenn said...

Went there.

Did that.

Great post.

Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Was it something I said?

Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Never mind I commented too far down ( I have a mac and pundit mom's site not so easy to read) Thought you had deleted my comment. Please excuse the previous note.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Pecos - You're comment isn't showing up on PM's site, but I swear I haven't deleted anything!

Anonymous Momish said...

Great post! Of course I totally agree with you.

Blogger PunditMom said...

Thank, LM, for writing such a great post for my place. As a guest blogger, you ROCK!

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