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How to Sunscreen a Toddler
I have a new review up for KINeSYS sunscreen on my review site:

How to Sunscreen a Toddler
  1. Lure toddler into living room with the promise of M&M's.
  2. Reach for toddler, miss, and chase him around the house for 20 minutes.
  3. Find toddler hiding in the pantry behind the cat food.
  4. Grab toddler and drag him kicking and screaming out of the pantry.

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"Sunscreen? We don't need no stinking sunscreen!"

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Blogger jen said...

he's just about perfect, isn't he? simply gorgous.

i always lure M with the knowledge of the yummy smelling lotion. sometimes it even works.

Blogger slouching mom said...

What a FANTASTIC picture!

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

Too cute!

I bribe to let them rub some on themselves LOL.

Blogger flutter said...

Does holding them upside down and dunking them in a bucket work? No?

Dang, he's cute

Blogger Queeny said...

Ohhhh, I love that face! Tooooo cute!

Blogger Virtualsprite said...

Aaawww... cute pic.

I'm a big fan of the spray, too. I've used the sticks with only marginal success. It seems like the spray on the hands works almost better, but the sticks don't run. So... horse apiece.

Blogger Alpha DogMa said...

Mine have just learned to suck it up. Granted our sun season is much shorter than yours, but they know that Momma always wins. But I did splash out for sun shirts which greatly reduces the amount I need to use.

My kids only get the back of them sunscreened as I spray them while they run from me.

I'm completely in control over here. Completely.

Blogger PunditMom said...

LM, You need the newest thing --- SPRAY suncreen -- even when they run away from you, you can still get a little bit on them! ;)

Anonymous acumamakiki said...

Look at that grin! I miss the days of a squirmy little body, nowadays all I hear is "I don't need help".

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