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Monday Montage - Zoo Edition #546 (OK, maybe it's only #2)
This weekend, we had the pleasure of accompanying CPA Mom and her family to the zoo. Of course, we only saw them for about 5 minutes total because our children dragged us in opposite directions, but still it was fun!

I know you've seen plenty of pictures of H&H at the zoo, but T's in Korea and I'm sure he'd like to see what he missed this weekend so SUCK IT UP, PEOPLE! Plus, you get a bonus prize: proof of my bad parenting. You'll note that Hollis is still wearing the top to his jammies. I think he'll be wearing it until it falls off his skin. Tell me this is a phase, people, please! And that it will pass before he starts preschool in 2 weeks.

"Turtles, Mommy! Turtles! Can I pet them?" This is what happens when you take them to the zoo members' breakfast with the animals outing. At least he wasn't asking to pet the lion.

Petting a turtle. Finally.

Grandma and Holden share a moment with the giraffes.

"I don't wanna pet those. They look mean."

"Let me out, Mommy! I need to roam free!"

Free at last!

A perfect day. Wouldn't you agree?

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Blogger KC said...

Your children are ADORABLE. And the pajama top is so in this season.

If I put my daughter in a shirt she doesn't like she takes it right off. Greeeaaattt!

Blogger flutter said...

I would totally agree.

Blogger Taste Like Crazy said...

Freakin adorable.

Blogger QT said...

Cute. And don't worry about the PJ top. If he wearsif to preschool, someone will make fun of him and then he will want to change it.

Blogger Nancy said...

That last photo is the best!

Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

Looks like my kind of day!

Blogger Gwen said...

If you hadn't told us, I wouldn't have known the pj top was anything besides the hippest of three year old fashions. So no worries, mate. Not that this will help, but Lucy spent 3 months wearing fleece footie pajamas. Exclusively. Those were a bit harder to pass off as normal clothes .....

(that's to say, yes, it is a stage, and yes, he will grow out of it).

Blogger Maladjusted said...

You're kids are adorable. I came here through Chicken and Cheese, a previously "in town" blogger before I moved back to SE Virginia. I'm in Williamsburg and have a 12 year old kidlet. Nice to finally track down some other local bloggers, especially women!

Blogger canape said...

So cute.

And you can tell Hollis that I wear my pj bottoms all the time. Together, he and I make a complete fashion statement.

Blogger slouching mom said...

canape just cracked me right up.

those boys are adorable. mighty adorable.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

KC - Good to know it's in. Now next season, I'll tell him he's out of style and see if that works.

Canape - I'll send you the bottom half of his jammies and you can come to the zoo with us next time.

Maladjusted - And of course I was bashing the "generic" SE Virginia area on Mrs. Chicken's site! Welcome! It's good to find another local blogger.

And thank you everyone for your comments about my adorable boys. I think they're pretty darn cute but, of course, I love to hear people agree with me!

Anonymous Emily said...

Not a phase. Well, the pj top may be, but in my experience one clothing phase follows another. And another. And another.

I have one word for the latest:

Blogger Jenn said...

I am so glad that you too see the many advantages of pj's as clothing.

Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Emily - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Blogger Bon said...

you have the cutest kids.

and pajama tops are genetically the exact same as tshirts, you know. ;)

Blogger CPA Mom said...

If you hadn't have told me, I would not have known that was a pj top. That's very similar to Tigger's spiderman shirt obsession. 25 good shirts in his closet and he has worn the same damn 6 spiderman shirts all.summer.long.

I love the pictures of them laughing in the water.

Blogger Amy W said...

Love, love, LOVE the pics!

Anonymous Anna said...

OMG you are living my life. Nice view of it from here. pajama top with whales on second cycle of wear, then sleep in, then wear. Eeek!

And the little one is like mine with that LET ME OUT face!

No answers, just shaking my head in solidarity!

Anonymous slackermommy said...

Cute pics! Both my second and third children were jammie lovers so being the slacker mom that I am I let them wear their jammies out. I figure it's the only time in their life that it's acceptable. Well except maybe not for those moms who will judge you. I won't. What's the big deal about jammies? They are just clothes that are usually more comfortable than clothes deemed acceptable for leaving the house. I would wear mine all day if I could!

Blogger Christine said...

my favorite is that one where he looks afraid of the little antelope animals. those sweet little lips!

adorable boys, lm.

Blogger Doodaddy said...

I love days like that -- but they are *tiring*!

Blogger painted maypole said...

fun! (and it must have been a zoo weekend, this is the second blog I've looked at today with zoo pictures!)

Blogger Jen M. said...

Yep - you have the cutest boys. Jacob (my 5 yo) wore his SpongeBob jammie top all last summer but nothing this year.

Anonymous mayberry said...

Darling. PJs and all!

Blogger Queeny said...

I'm sure you guys had a blast, but I can stomach only one zoo visit a year with my kids. ... Unfortunately, the real animals come back home with me.

Blogger Julie Pippert said...

I will tell you nothing of the sort re. bad mommying or clothing.

You've seen how my kids dress (or heard).

I will say at least now, at almost 6, that Patience seems to give a rat's rear what I think re. how things go together. As I discreetly say trying oh so hard not to step on her creativity or individuality in dress.

It's a shirt

Just be glad he's dressed.

Anyway we all KNOW and UNDERSTAND and sheesh he's so CUTE who cares?

Anonymous Angela said...

Too cute! I love the photo of H wanting OUT of the stroller. Mine is just at that stage where he wants to be FREE too.

And post away! I love photos!

Blogger Ruth Dynamite said...

Yes. A perfect day!

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