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I'm a Pimp!
I'd like to take a moment to pimp my blog out.

Many of you know Sonia from ...and the pursuit of happiness as a gorgeous blogger (seriously, check out her pictures, she's beautiful), mother of four cute kiddos, and really nice person from Iowa. But did you know that Sonia also makes fabulously adorable shirts? Check out her site Sunshine Designs.

Sonia designed and made a ridiculously cute Lawyer Mama tee for me. I don't have any decent pictures of me in the darn thing because I couldn't actually wait and ask someone ELSE to take a picture of me. I'm always holding the camera, but trust me when I say it's super cute. Black, short sleeve t-shirt with Lawyer Mama on it in light pink crystals. It's adorable. This was the best shot I could get that didn't include a fabulous double chin as an accessory:

Nice rack.

I even got the boys matching shirts.* Holden, of course, loves his. At 19 months he is easily distracted by any shiny object. But Hollis loves his too. His father put him in it for the first time while I was at BlogHer and he apparently refused to take it off. He slept in it. Of course, he also thinks that jammies are perfectly acceptable day time wear, but that's beside the point. The shirts are almost as adorable as my boys:

Lawyer Boy refuses to pose for pictures now.

And Lawyer Baby was feeling a bit grumpy.

(Don't you miss that brief time period when your kids actually smiled for the camera on demand? I think it happened for about 2 weeks between 6 and 6.5 months for my progeny.)

Unfortunately, I didn't think T would go for a Mr. Lawyer Mama shirt. Bummer. That would make a great family portrait. But as you can see, I did try to get a picture of Lawyer Boy, Lawyer Baby, and Lawyer Mama:

And I promise I will never again refer to myself in the third person.

In the interest of full disclosure, Sonia also awarded me the Power of Schmooze award not too long ago and said some incredibly sweet things about my writing on her blog. But this is not, I repeat not a quid pro quo arrangement! Although I certainly can be bribed to pimp out my space for martinis. I'm a cheap date.

But I love Sonia. She's funny, talented, snarky, a little bitchy, and a GDI (God Damn Independent) in the true sense of the word. What's not to love?

*If you're wondering, no, the boys can't pull the crystals off the shirt. Ms. Sunshine did a fabulous job. The shirts are toddler proof!

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Anonymous mayberry said...

Love those! Isn't Mr. Lawyer Mama feeling just a teensy, tiny bit left out? Doesn't he want just one or two crystals?

Anonymous slackermommy said...

Very cute, indeed.

Blogger flutter said...

wayyyyy cute!

Blogger Sunshine said...

You're gonna make a girl get all emotional over here....holy buckets, thank the lord I'm not PMSing!!! I'd be bawling all over your blog and making your red flowers runny!
You're the cat's ass....I totally love ya and the boys are ADORABLE.
Yes, nice rack. My crystals don't have that much "va-va-voom" when I wear 'em!

Blogger jen said...

i love, love, love those shirts. and you for getting them. the crystals are so perfect.

and your face. sigh. i miss your face.

I'm off to her blog right now to check out the shirts. Thanks!

Blogger PacificMod said...

Fun mama blog! (I found you through TheMotherHood.net.)

Blogger Snoskred said...

But referring to yourself in the third person is excellent for your google search results. ;) I have a post written about that somewhere, check my blog on Monday to read it. ;)

Nice Bling! I thought for a second there you'd decided to change your template.. :)


Anonymous Momish said...

Ohhhhh, I like. I like!!! Those are way purty!

Blogger CPA Mom said...

I have three of her shirts. She IS the bomb isn't she. I think we need to take a picture of you with Lawyer Mom and me with CPA Mom on.

Oh, I pimp Sonia out All.The.Time in our quest to take over the world. You can join us!

Blogger FENICLE said...

Love it!!!!!!!! Too perfect. Models & all.

Anonymous selfmademom said...

Love the t-shirts! Your kids are adorable.

Blogger Gwen said...

Will her shirts make my boobs so much less anemic looking than usual, too? :)

Blogger Petula Wright said...

Very cute!

Blogger NotSoSage said...

I love blog friends.

Blogger KC said...

You need to wear this to Blogher next year!

Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

That shirt is great! I need a blingy Oh, The Joys shirt. You'll have to tell me how to get the hook up.

Blogger PunditMom said...

Lookin good, Lawyer Mama! I'm thinking there needs to be one with my blog name on it in my fututre!

Blogger QT said...

Those boys are adorable! I can't believe Mr. Lawyer Mama opted out?

OOOOOOH! I want one!!!!! I'm off to see what I can find on her site!

LOVE the shirt!

I just emailed her.......I am such a follower!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous Anna said...

Oh, sweet sweet Lawyer baby with the tears, I LOVE the crying photos!

Blogger Ruth Dynamite said...

Love these tees!

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